Acknowledging our weakness is the first step

Why is it so hard to acknowledge our imperfections, our mistakes, to be truthful with ourselves, not to anyone else, just ourselves, alone in our own rooms? Why are we so scared to acknowledge our own flaws?

What? We’re Not Perfect?

Is it because we might find out we are not perfect, that we are human, that you may think you are not deserving, or you have failed? That you might not live up to other’s expectations and just don’t believe you’re good enough? Or maybe you don’t want to admit to yourself, that you might be flawed. Would you rather live with your head in the sand, and hope it goes away. Well yes, you can do that, but it just makes matters worse in the long run. We are all perfectly flawed! So guess what, you are normal.

Our Imperfections Follow Us

Unfortunately, our imperfections or negative behaviors never go away by themselves, in fact, by not acknowledging them, they follow us around throughout the years, and affect everything you do. When you get angry and yell at your best friend. When you can’t lose weight, and you blame it on others. Or you keep sabotaging relationships and your career. It is because you haven’t acknowledged those negative behaviors, and each and every one of us has them.

So, get in line, none of us, let me repeat that, NONE OF US ARE PERFECT. We are all flawed with frailties, Imperfections, and negative behaviors. But, the way out is acknowledging them. Because when we do, we release negative energy and open up new opportunities, and peace within.

If You Don’t Acknowledge It, You Can’t Fix It.

Yes, I said it, you need to acknowledge your flaws. So here are some ideas on how to get started on acknowledging those imperfections.

  1. Sit quietly and decide, I will be truthful with myself. I promise.
  2. Acknowledge what is bothering you, we all have things that we need to accept about ourselves. So dig deep.
  3. Write those problems out, things you want to fix, your imperfections. (it’s OK to have a long list of issues, you will resolve one at a time, (You should have seen my list, 2 pages!) Here are some EX: “I get mad easily” “I am judgemental” “I am in debt” “I am overweight” “I am not communicating with my partner” ” I get overlooked in my career,” that is just some, as I said, dig deep.
  4. Look over your list. Laugh! and say, I guess I’m not perfect, I’m human, at least I know what I need to work on. It’s in print!
  5. Celebrate yourself, you took the first step towards taking control of your life.

The Benefits Of Acknowledging Our Imperfections

With all this deep soul searching for your imperfections and mistakes, I bet you’re tired! I know I was when I made my list. It is worth it though, now you can begin to move forward. The benefit of doing this exercise is that you can now, take back your power. These imperfections, flaws, and or baggage have been holding you back from your future. They have been stealing the energy that you need to use for the present and the future.

It’s not as scary as it feels, and the outcome will outweigh any negatives. Do you need to work through them? Yes! But now that you have acknowledged them, and you can begin to fix them.

Patricia Love, The Rah Rah Coach!