As a business owner or manager, you already know the importance of recruiting the best staff and providing employees with the required tools to do their jobs. To ensure your staff meet or exceed your business needs, you should conduct at least annual assessments of their productivity and efficiency.

Employee performance evaluations may seem time-consuming with no value added to an organization. Sometimes managers do not know how to deal with the assessment results so they overlook the importance of performance assessment. Performance assessment though is not just important; it is vital to the well-being of the organization as it documents negative behaviors in case a former employee takes legal action, and it monitors the top talents in order to reward them appropriately.

Everyone enjoys getting recognition for the value they add to the organization they work for. By acknowledging their contribution, you make them feel appreciated and this motivates them even more. The work performance evaluation is the tool that creates engaged, productive, effective, and devoted workforce.

Employee performance assessments allow the manager to elaborate on future goals and expectations regarding the employees’ performance. With an employee performance assessment, managers address each individual’s needs in the organization, identify top talents for further development and ensure everyone stays motivated and maximizes their potential.

One of the performance appraisal objectives is to address any issues and challenges hindering the employee’s ability to reach their personal goals and work seamlessly with the team. Open communication resolves problems and conflict, relieves any negative feelings and makes the organization goals’ achievement easier and faster.

Overall performance appraisal helps you track any gaps in communication, makes employees more motivated and gives you insights on their future career paths. By understanding who is a top performer, you can start preparing them for leadership roles and reward them with an increased salary, training and personal development opportunities and mentoring. However you should keep in mind that performance assessment should be conducted by an objective person, ideally someone outside the company who will have no positive or negative feelings about the employee under evaluation. At Skema Projects we can help you assess every employee, from junior to C-level.


  • Dr. Evi Prokopi

    Success Coach | HRM & PM Professor & Consultant

    Skema Projects

    Dr. Evi Prokopi is a multicultural expert, having lived in 6 countries and worked with people from 58 countries. She has tremendous experience in recruiting, training, coaching, leading and managing virtual, hybrid and in-house teams for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups. Evi, the founder and President of Cosmoleadership, the Global Leadership Association, is the first and youngest Greek female to ever speak at the Global Project Management Institute Congress and she is one of the World’s Top 100 HR Influencers 2020. She has also been awarded the 40 Under 40 Business Elite Award and the Best Leadership Award 2021 by the CEO Today Magazine and she is one of Top 41 Global Future of Work Experts. As a Certified Work Performance Assessor, NLP Coach, HRM and PM Professor at the University of Northampton, and Managing Director of Skema Projects, she wants to empower people and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Evi is an international bestselling Author. Her first book 'The Success Playbook: The 8 habits of happy & successful people' is available in English and Serbian, and her second book 'Leadership Like a Fairytale' has just been published.