With such a variety of roles available to us, each having different rules and regulations, it can be hard to tell the difference between them. Why are some industries pushing forward and breaking the mould, while others are keeping back and staying with what they know?

One of the most notable changes has been work uniform, with many office environments putting in place a more casual approach. However, is this the way to go or should there always be a uniform in place?

Casual workwear can be a real selling point for new employees, however, is there a place and time for this?

A professional appearance should arguably be in mind when meeting new clients and customers, as you are your company’s ambassador. First impressions will always count.

It’s also true that a uniform can let you see the different levels and status of each employee, which in the case of healthcare and public service positions can be extremally important to tell apart different job roles. Such as nurses tunics to scrubs, can help you easily determine the employee role.

A uniform can also maintain hygiene standards. If, for example, you were a catering professional, your chef clothing will need to be unworn outside of work for food hygiene reasons. As well as this, you wouldn’t want your own clothes to become dirty.

In company to the above points, some may question whether casual clothing inspires a more motivated workplace or whether it has the opposite effect and makes everyone feel too relaxed. Of course, some employees may relish the opportunity to dress as they please, a fact that provides them with the motivation to work hard. However, others could view coming into work in the same clothes you spend your free time in to be a little too chilled out.

With the workplace progressively forming a quick changeover, we could be seeing a few more amendments within the next couple of years.

However, there are situations where it is quite simply impossible. A uniform can provide the public with comfort, control and most of all a sense of safety. In these scenarios, a uniform is most definitely essential.