This question has the most simple answer. You are all what you have. Isn’t it true? It might not sound true to some of you. But here are some points. Read on…

I have a partner who loves me more than myself.  Can you guarantee till when? Most of the people have someone special in their life but do you ever realize what if they ever stopped loving you or what if they are not their anymore for you? Love is beautiful. But it does not come with a guarantee tag. You need to love yourself first to receive someone else love. People tend to get more respect who take better care of themselves. After all who likes messed up people?

I am too busy with my job and home. You are working, married and you have a husband/wife and children to take care of. In course of balancing your work and home, you are ignoring yourself because you think your partner and children love you so much. They will take care of you when you will require. Well, it can be true in some cases but why not try taking a day off. No one can love you more neither your job nor your family than yourself. Because only you know what you want for yourself. Although you tend to forget about what you love in your hectic life. When you start caring for yourself, you tend to manage better in balancing work and home.

These are just 2 very common situations. There is more and different aspects of everyone’s life. You have to take care of your husband/wife, children, elders, and the list goes on. Where are you in the list who needs the most utmost care? If you are not present in your list, its high time to put yourself first and here is how you can do it?

  1. Pamper yourself. You are equally important rather most important person in your life. Go for a makeover. Go to a spa. Relax yourselves.
  2. Keep equal share for yourself. You love your family so much that you keep the smallest piece for yourself or don’t keep it at all. You give all of it to them. Why? Don’t you love that pie too? You have the equal right to relish things.
  3. Health comes first. Take out extra time for yourself. Instead of giving that time to the house work, give it to yourself. Your body will thank you for that in old age. Go for a walk or play your favorite sport.
  4. Go out with your friends. Its important to spend time with your friends as well. Sharing and caring with friends is equally important as they are the best part of your life and give you the best advises.
  5. Talk to your parents. Yes, no one loves you more than them and they would give you the best tips to balance your life.
  6. Cook your favorite meal. Keep one day for yourself. Each day if you are cooking someone else choices, why not one day for yourself? Let everyone know what you like.
  7. Restart that hobby you cherished the most. Be it painting, singing, dancing, writing, playing indoor or outdoor games. Don’t miss out. Now or never. Don’t put it to later on.

What are you going to start with?