Very frequently, we are in our own worlds trying to drive our own agenda.  While this may be fulfilling, the enrichment you get from seeking perspectives from others can make your decisions, actions and ideas become more balanced.

Here are three reasons why you end up with a better outcome when you seek out advice.

Blending of skills

When we try to problem solve our way out of a situation, we only have our point of view which may restrict the outcome.  When you combine different mindsets, the result can be very powerful. Take the case of a millennial who may be ambitious and impatient to achieve a singular goal. If this millennial consults with baby boomer with years of experience and organizational savviness, the outcome can be very potent that is beneficial to them both.  The experienced employee may adopt a more adventurous approach over a period while the millennial may pursue a more patient path to achieve their goal.

A well-articulated problem has a better solution

Organizing your thoughts well enough to communicate with others will help with analyzing a situation objectively.  As George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”. When someone asks questions or tries to understand your point of view, you end up with a position that has more clarity and purpose.  

Accountability Discussing your position with others encourages you to find an action plan and work towards your goal. Think of a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle.  Unspoken problems have a way of making us unproductive. Unconsciously we hold ourselves accountable once we have discussed a situation with others. A problem shared with someone is a problem that has more outcomes than if it just stays with you.