Windows are an essential element in any home. The quality of other aspects as important as the air conditioning and energy efficiency in the home, the ventilation of the house, the light that enters during the hours of sun and even security will depend on them.

Keys to choose the windows of our home

When changing the windows and doors or installing new ones, it is important to consult with professionals who will advise us to make the best decision. A visit to trusted window stores can help us clear up any doubts about various aspects to consider, which we discuss below.

The material of the window frames

Aluminum, PVC and wood are the most widespread materials in the manufacture of windows. Depending on the needs of the home and the budget, there are various solutions. Aluminum, for example, is very resistant, while PVC is cheaper. Wood is the most expensive material, although its thermal and acoustic behavior is excellent.

The type of opening

Today, there are multiple opening options for windows: sliding, oscillating, hinged, pivoting, folding … and even a combination of two or more systems. Although they are sometimes preferred for aesthetics or space solutions, traditional sliding windows are the ones with the least hermetic capacity. However, there are other options such as tilt-and-turn windows or lift-up slides.


The window glass is a key factor to consider. Today, most windows contain, at a minimum, double glazing. To optimize the orientation of the windows, there are different types of solar treatment of the glass. Depending on the climate, it may also be advisable to install triple glazing, as well as double glazing that contains an air chamber inside.

The blinds

It is a fundamental system to regulate the light that enters the house, especially in sunny places. Its installation will depend on the needs of each home or room, but we must bear in mind that the system must be of quality, since badly placed blinds can spoil the efficiency of our windows.

If we choose low-quality blinds (or we do not have qualified professionals for their installation), in the long run we can find ourselves with thermal or acoustic bridge problems, as well as leaks. It is very common to find solutions on the market that include a window with a shutter in one piece.

Locks for security

Likewise, nowadays security blinds that include locks are also very common, ideal for large windows. In any case, window experts can advise you on which window security system is optimal depending on the budget, the type of installation and the protection needs of each home.

A good facility

All these factors are useless if you do not have professional experts for the installation of the windows. In addition to comparing quotes based on the type of windows, it is important to make sure that it is a serious company that you can trust. Remember that the installation must be taken care of to the millimeter, with a quality seal to avoid leaks or thermal bridges.


Another advantage of going to an establishment specialized in windows is that we can find out about the regional aid available to renew the windows, which are increasingly common due to energy savings.

Given the importance of windows for the home, do not hesitate to consult with professionals who know the industry well and are in contact with all the news in the sector. New windows can completely change the look of your home!