On Monday I wrote a post where I said that the only person stopping your dream is you. The same day I received an email from Jack Parson a young entrepreneur with a dream and a mission. He wrote me that he is sick and tired of bullying. It reminded me of many times when I had to face bullying and I decided it is not just OK or good it is necessary to stand up and write up against bullying.

Why it is necessary to stand up against bullying

Why are they doing this

  • Why are people bullying others

  • Why is xxx doing this to me?

  • Why ………….

Although we ask ourselves that many times. Simply there is no logical reason or any good answer. People talking bad about you trying to hurt or destroy you whether at work or in school or in the internet. The only thing they can gain at best is that 5 seconds feeling of feeling above someone else. In fact they are not they are just making themselves helpless losers.

I wish that those posting threads insults or trying sabotage and talk bad about someone would take one moment ask themselves :


  • Why am I doing this what will I gain from it

  • Why should I do this and behave this way

  • Why would hurting and destroying a human being make me a better person ?

  • Why is this the way I want other see me ?

We ALL manage our own brand :

At work school or in life we are the managers of our own brands, That means we are responsible of how anyone else sees us. Is bullying – verbal or tactical violence the way I want to be recognised for?

Why bullying is a serious issue

Bullying destroys people

sometimes it leads those bullied into depression sometimes even into suicide than 60% of work related illness is based on stress and a major part of this is not because of work itself but of bullying.

All of us have every day the possibility to choose if we want to make the lifes of others living hell or if we act in the best possible ways we can.

Bullying is sucking the energy and joy out of us when we have to face it again and again and it will take a lot of courage and strength to move forward. It is hard to as I wrote on Monday then not dwelling on it but to take strength and courage to continue to pursuit our goals in life.

What can you do when facing bullying?

Raise above distance yourself and address it

Do not get down to the level of those acting irrational and crazy. Distance yourself from them their words and actions.

Avoid bullyers keep them in a distance and keep a personal distance when you have to deal with them. Use your friends to help you talk about it and get their perspective. Do not lose sleep or yourself because of the bullying. Stay above it and continue to go your own way. If it happens at work or school address it and express how the bullying makes you feel. Bullying is not comedy or just some bad jokes bullying is something we need to address and talk about.

You manage your brand and act in a way you want others to see you do not lose that and keep those bullying you in a distance.

Fight for you your dream and stand up or in my case now write up against bullying

I had myself to suffer from bullying standing up against it and being true to yourself and your own values is the best way forward that I found. There is a danger to lose yourself when bullied to lose all energy and even the will to go forward the best way out of this for me was talking about it and fighting not for myself but for what I believe in.

We are tested many times every day by those who bully important is to remember that we can pass those tests. We can raise above it and move on to do what we believe in.

Jack Parson has done this he made a you tube video to demonstrate what he stands for and what he believes in.

That is why I want to include this video here:

Originally published at crosspoint.blog