Boredom is often the tool of the soul to lure you into a new space. A space of creativity.  The problem is we don’t allow ourselves to become bored in our daily lives. We are constantly distracting ourselves to not feel the silence or the boredom.

When was the last time you were bored? That you sat in complete silence and did not try to distract yourself?  For many of us, it never happens or when it does, we immediately reach for something to fill the silence. To fill the void. We live in a culture that has difficulty with silence. We are constantly filling the silence with music, conversation, social media, TV, or whatever else to fill that space. Our preoccupation with the noise does not allow for the unknown. It does not allow for the spontaneity of creation. The magic of imagination.  The surprise of inspiration. And then we wonder why we have lost our creativity or spark for life. The problem is not that you are not creative. The problem is that you don’t allow yourself the space to create. 

I remember being sent outside as a kid to play and we were forced to entertain ourselves. We were forced to create. We would spend hours in nature finding ways to entertain ourselves. We could make blankets turn into forts, snowbanks into caves, haylofts into villages, and trees into houses. We could make dolls and figurines come to life.  We could see beyond the physical plane. Create out of the infinity of space and time. I don’t believe that we had more creativity as a child. We just had more space for play and imagination. So how do we get back to that state? That state of wonder. That state of awe.  I have outlined three simple steps below.

1). Step one: Is to get quiet.

We need to become more familiar with the divine within us.  The very essence of creation.  But first, we have to shut out the outside noises and listen. Truly listen. The silent void is the space where all creation takes form.  Creation comes from silence. This is where your thoughts become form. Your ideas become creation. So, start first by allowing yourself thirty minutes of silence.

2.) Step two: To be free.

The most creative time in your life is when you allow yourself to be free. The next step is to carve out space for you to be free. To be yourself. To immerse yourself back to your childlike wonder. To allow yourself to explore.  To discover. We all can create when we are given the space to do so. We live in an infinite space but only see a finite picture. This week allow yourself to be silly. Immerse yourself in play.  Rediscover what you loved doing as a child. Let your childlike wonder come alive.

3.) Step Three: Is to allow. 

Allow yourself the time for more play and creation. We are constantly on the go that we forget to just be.  Just be the creative infinite being that you already are by allowing yourself the space to do so.  This may be the hardest part.  Just allow yourself to not be constantly doing something. Constantly checking your phone or your to-do list. Just simply be and see where your imagination takes you. 

All of life is about creation. We need more people excited about life. Souls that are alive. This week allow yourself to be still. Allow yourself to be quiet. Allow yourself to become a little bored. See where your soul leads you. I can’t wait to hear what you create.


  • Erin Nicole

    Author, Poet

    Erin Nicole is a poet, writer, yoga teacher, nurse, and forever truth seeker and chaser of the light.  Through her work, Erin encourages people to spend more time with their souls. To learn how to tap into their own innate wisdom and divinity.  To know and own their own truth. She teaches through journaling, storytelling, and poetry. Her debut book Chasing Fireflies will be released in the fall. You can find more of her words and wisdom on Instagram @xoerinnicole.