Life is always on. Whether you are off to your corporate job or working for yourself. Whether you are 5 or 55. We are always on. Thinking about the next thing, ticking off endless lists, moving on to the next task. And sometimes spinning several plates at once. 

Ask yourself when was the last time you actually stopped being on? And just sat in the moment. Have you given yourself a chance to just BE this week? 

I was lucky enough to hold a weekend retreat in partnership with some other business owners. We wanted to give other business owners the space to contemplate, to think and just sit and BE.  What followed was a weekend of sharing. Sharing knowledge, insights, tips and giving advice; but mixed up with walks in the fresh air, Qigong shaking to Taylor Swift and journaling. All of us solopreneurs, all of us enjoying an opportunity to talk openly and in the real. Each of us complimenting each other in wisdom and knowledge. 

I’m feeling a real shift in how we do business – especially giving ourselves time to breathe – and for creative thought to drop in.

It’s time to start celebrating our successes no matter how small – enjoy the moment. A move away from the fire and forget model. 

And embrace the realisation that everything we bring into the world, ideas, products and services, can have a life of its own if you let it.

I am just in the process of launching my own book into the world – one that guides the reader through some of the tried and tested techniques that I used in my corporate life but seen through a different lens. Even I find myself thinking there are so many things I should be doing. But also realising that it is a journey – and my product will find its way to the people that need it without me working round the clock and breaking my back to do so. 

The pebble is dropped. The ripples are moving outwards. What will be will be. 

So, my point is – it is ok to have quiet moments in a business situation – regardless of what you sell. And it is so important to notice when those are. They are not the same for everyone or every business. 

So how do you factor in those ‘BE-ing’ moments, here are some thoughts you could apply: 

  1. Leave a door open: When creating a campaign or flow around the launch of a product / service – always allow some wriggle room. i.e. don’t plan every last second – leave space for something new, something you hadn’t thought of to come in. 
  • Know your audience:  Work out who it is you are creating your product or service for. Be specific – narrow it down to 2 / 3 key audiences and focus on connecting and collaborating with them instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall. This way you conserve your energy and you can tailor your communication or message to suit them. 
  • What are the peak points: Pick up on the buying trends of your potential customers, be fluid around awareness and know that like flowers businesses do not bloom all year round.  When we know our audience is turned off at points of the year, we can use those pockets of time to BE creative or Be still. We don’t need to push all the year round. Being more targeted will actually help you sell more in the long run because your audience is ready to receive.
  • Room for us all: Know your business or offering is unique, and no one else can offer what you offer. So therefore, you are not in competition. There is room for us all. Know you will be marmite to some folk, and the best thing since sliced bread for others. And that is ok. 
  • Nurture: The days of fire and forget are numbered. It’s not just about launches, soft launches, hard launches, parties. It’s about trends, discussion, many Everest moments, all the dots you connect along the way. It’s about the stories you tell. And it’s about nurturing your product through its complete lifecycle or journey. 

There are times when, we as business owners do need to take stock, take time to BE and not DO. It is so important to nurture ourselves, invite moments of boredom into our busy, electronic packed lives, and to stop and smell the roses.