Tangerines are popular in Chinese New Year. People use the tangerine tree as a decorative plant inside or outside the house. The fruits, smaller than mandarin oranges, are sweet and juicy. Children usually like tangerines because they are juicy and sweet and small enough for them to eat. I love the sight of a tangerine tree decorated with red paper or ribbons with the bright orange color fruit on it. In Chinese tradition, oranges and tangerines are often associated with happiness and abundance. Therefore, we have plenty of these fruits at home during Chinese New Year and we exchange them with relatives, neighbors and close friends to wish them happiness and abundance.

When I see tangerines, they look like small successes that we often don’t pay attention to in life. We often expect big successes and we are quite disappointed that they don’t happen quite often. What if we pay attention to these small successes and celebrate them? Will we produce more small successes? Yes, quite likely. Remember that children are easily pleased with small things. Why can’t adults be happy too?

Where can you find these small successes every day? You don’t wait for them to come. You can create them every day. Set a plan early in the day to create these small successes. Look for things that you did for the day. No matter how small a progress you have made, they are your tiny successes. Acknowledge them as a way of saying that you have done a good job and be grateful, feel the accomplishment. When you focus on small successes, you are more motivated to create more successes. You’re like a tangerine tree which bears small fruits. When you don’t take care yourself, you no longer produce fruits and you may die inside. Compare the tangerine tree to a mandarin orange tree which is much bigger. As you grow stronger, you grow into a mandarin orange tree which is capable of producing bigger fruits, your big successeses.

Small successes are like small waves which come often if you strive to create them. Big successes are like big waves which come by surprise and they are triggered from small waves.

Be happy in every small successes you created! 😉
You plant your seeds, care for them and you shall receive a bountiful harvest.

I visualize that I’m not only producing tangerines for myself, I also make an impact on others to help them produce their fruits as well. 🙂


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