When working in isolation or living without meaningfully contributing to the society, it is pretty hard to know your worth, to understand what is your value in the community, how much money you can charge for your service or how can your skills make a breakthrough for someone else’s business. Even to expose yourself in jobs applications that you never know if they’ll overpass the automated selection machine… It is truly frustrating that we live times when the wealth of skills and experiences will not fit in any terms two pages (the recommended CV length) and by no means a robot will be able to read between the lines of your application and understand your real worth. It is hence our duty to persevere and build, if anything more important than resilience, faith. To keep faith up and trust your efforts, your perseverance and, eventually, your gut. It is a true crucifix for those that are at the very ends of their patience, hopes and, very important, financials. It is almost self – condemning to see your money flying off as months go by and to read the calendar as a deadline to somewhere that, at least in the very moment, looks pretty much like the end. It is hard to see beyond the days when your financials are zero, you have no resources to put food on the table or send your children in school. It is indeed disastrous as you must be iron-made in order not to put you faith at doubt. But while all this movie is building up like a Halloween scene, there is one thing you must be always and tireless coming back to: perseverance. Keep learning, keep trying, keep doing, keep practicing. Even when faith and hope seem far away blurry ghosts, make perseverance be your guide: repeat, re-write, repeat, re-write. You will build talent, you will build skill, you will build resilience – and none of those end at the end of a month, like money do. Invest time, money, patience, training your brain. That is purely the only investment that will stay with you, it’s God guaranteed and absolutely nobody can take it away from you. Building your skills paths into your DNA, will pay off. Once you keep this resilient spirit, you will have a long way to work, long hours to be truly present (but think about the birds – how many thousands miles they fly and they are so tiny and fragile, still they can do it!), hard work, strong focus – you need them all. It is like being in your own tunnel with a one way street, flying thru the universe towards a different planet. It will be scary at times as it is all dark. It is all confusing as you can not go back and you can not see the path. You can put all at doubt since you only see dark. But you must keep flying, keep your focus, control your breath, instill your own flying pace, and repeat all! You will eventually understand what it is about.  A light will come in front of you, at the very end of the tunnel. You will see miracles happening – millions of starts gathering around you, arranging in their own order, one you can not control and you won’t understand. Different circles of universal starts will come, dance and their own galaxies will interact in a beautiful, amazing dance that will suddenly explode into something you’ve never seen before. It will shock you, it will make you wonder and so, out of nowhere but stars and their dance, a new planet will be born in front of you. You will witness the ultimate miracle and this is because you chose to keep flying!  A new planet, for you to land on! Once yo land, you will feel peaceful, you will know you’ve found yourself and fulfilled your purpose. And, as anytime a new planet is born, precious metals are created. As you’ll see you are the gold on that planet! As perseverance is the very water for the talent seed, for us to become gold.