The other day I felt a heaviness. An adrenaline rush of immediate fear thinking, “is my dream about to die?!”

If you’ve been there before, you can probably feel that pit-in-your-stomach feeling just reading those words, as it’s definitely an unsettling experience.

Why is it so unsettling? For starters, we’ve dedicated a vast amount of energy to this “next-level” dream, haven’t we? We’ve built it, worked for it, talked about it, obsessed about it…allowed it to become the backbone of our wants for so long that we almost don’t know what to do without it.

That is until….we want BIGGER. 

Forget “next-level”. We now want an epic, miraculous, outrageous, quantum leap kind of dream. When we dream at this height, it makes our previous dream look so small in comparison. So small that it makes us wonder if our new dream is too big. And fear strikes again with: Is it even possible? Can I actually get there? What happens if I can’t?

Well, darling, not only can you, but you WILL. In fact, it’s already done! Let me share with you HOW to tap into your spiritual superpowers and manifesting magic to make it all happen in the most high-vibe way possible. Say goodbye to settling for less because you fear the “YES!”…now is your time to claim it!

Ask and it will be given. Every dream starts within. Therefore, it’s important to empower our voice of truth, love, and prayer first, in order to be courageous enough to ask for the full manifestation. It’s spiritual principle that every ask shall be given. Too often we take ourselves out of the game by giving all our power to someone else’s fears and doubts. We self-abandon our deepest desires because someone else doesn’t approve of them. It’s time to turn back to our intuition and become unshakeable in the confidence of our dreams so that we can begin asking for them and living a bigger life.

Let the Universe take over. Faith and confidence- the two staples required to receive exactly what we desire. We don’t have to know the how’s in order to receive. We just have to understand that what we desire is in our heart for a reason and therefore is already given to us. When we recognize this, we allow the Universe to figure out the how’s just by letting the vision flow through us, without resistance. 

What a relief, right? Personally, I don’t want to have to worry about the how’s. I’ve spent most of my life doing that. I used to be so militant about the how’s that I would overwork and under-earn. I would give myself the option of either settling for crumbs or giving up altogether. Before I mastered the art of being in my feminine and getting great at receiving, it always felt hard, futile, and sometimes just downright insane to pursue my big dreams. If you feel that way too, start giving yourself the permission to release the struggle and trust that it’s meant to be easy.

Get great at receiving. I’m sure you’re thinking, “that sounds fantastic Gina, but how do I get great at receiving?” It all starts with aligning your emotional vibration. You HAVE to be a match for what you desire in order to attract it. You NEED to be able to feel it as already done to make it happen. If you can’t fully envision, feel, and align to what you truly desire…resistance, fear, and doubt will surely turn away all the work the Universe is doing on your behalf to bring you your well-deserved blessings. Today, state your desire out loud and repeat “and so it is” again and again until you feel it!

Once you make the decision that it IS happening, you will see how all you desire is already on its way to you. And the next time you start to feel that a dream of yours is dying, instead of falling into a state of fear, future-tripping, or resisting the growth, instead simply say “amen!” Agreeing to the release will allow you to step up as the leader you were designed to be and pave a new way to greatness, inspiring others around you to do the same…that’s the beauty of the double-blessing!

And so it is.