My simple, fuss free, no equipment needed, Microstep is to go outside as soon as I wake up; no matter the weather it’s an instant hit to get my day started quickly and in an appreciative mood. Otherwise, the transition to being fully awake can hold me back from my best intentions.  Before I started (getting a dog got me into it) I’d get in a loop with chores and family demands without setting my own priorities for the day. The fresh air, looking up at the sky, taking in the weather and the colours of the day gives me a bit of perspective and inspiration even during the winter.  I’ve since read that opening a window and spending a few moments taking in the surroundings outside and the sharpness of fresh morning air also works if you don’t have outside space to go into.

Another simple step I use to make sure I’m present in conversations is inspired by a quote from Maya Angelou “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  There are no shortage, on social media, of great quotes and mantras to set yourself by, but this is one I’ve consciously thought about pre-and post-conversations to improve my listening skills and for my own appreciation of the conversation rather than worrying about how I’m coming across, which I find never ends well!   This can be a knock on the door with a delivery, take the moment to say “Hi” and wish people a good day. These moments of human connection pay you back as little moments of joy. 

And my final back stop thought if I feel overwhelmed, is to remind myself, that an hour doesn’t last that long and you can’t do it all. Even if everything looks fun, worthy, intriguing, a great opportunity, is the ‘proper’ way to do something etc., you’re still allowed to say no, or take the conscious decision to drop something from your to do list, without feeling guilty. Protecting some spare time, allowing some slack in the day gives you a buffer as inevitably most tasks will have been underestimated as to how long they’ll take!


  • Jessica Ward

    Hospital Sales Representative


    My name is Jessica Ward and I’m currently a Hospital Sales Representative at Pfizer. I trained as a secondary Physical Education and Science teacher, mainly as I wanted to play sports and be outdoors all day! I taught in an all-girls school and later I joined a large pharmaceutical company and was able to put my love of science to use for eight years. Getting overwhelmed with work and babies, and probably not getting outdoors enough, I left to have time at home with my three children. Eventually, I went back to work for a local healthcare digital agency working with the University of Oxford and Pharmaceutical companies, and the fast pace and ‘all hands on deck’ was a real tonic to feeling like I had a purpose. Having got back into the swing of working and being at the forefront of how digital could be used in communication, I then joined Pfizer as a Primary Care Representative in the Thames Valley (Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and West Berkshire) and earlier this year moved into a Secondary Care Role. My passion is digital and I really enjoy being a digital champion. I want to be more efficient and digital tools can enable that if used with discipline. I love bringing others with me and encouraging the use of digital tools so that we’re all moving at the same pace comfortably.