We all have different cycles in our well-being journeys, and right now I’m really focused on hydration. Water is the most important fuel we can give to our bodies. It can expand our brain’s grey matter and increase our productivity during the day. One Microstep I swear by is drinking a glass of water as soon as I wake up in the morning — before checking my phone! We wake up dehydrated, so getting a jump on the day with this Microstep helps me feel focused and refreshed.

Sleep is another priority for me; from my years of working with top-tier athletes, I know that recovery time is essential for overall well-being. Switching my phone to Do Not Disturb mode one hour before I go to bed helps me to focus on relaxation and maximize the recovery benefits of sleep. I’ve been practicing this Microstep each night for years now. I’ve really noticed how it positively impacts the quality and quantity of sleep I get. (I know that to function at my best I need about 7.5 hours of sleep a night!)

On an interpersonal note, making sure that I have regular check-ins with my team is important to me. It’s essential that we create space for everyone to share what’s on their minds and connect on a more personal level. Compassionate directness can only happen when we show others that we truly care about them, and sometimes that comes down to making time for meaningful conversations.

One way I’ve greatly reduced my stress levels is by learning to practice compassion daily (for others and for yourself). This is a really important skill to learn. I speak a lot about the value of having a developmental mindset, which is recognizing moments of learning and growing, rather than a genius mindset, which is thinking “I have to be a finished product” or “I can’t make mistakes.” Cut yourself some slack, and remember that we’re all human. We’re all doing our best. 

You can also find ways to tap into your joy and gratitude to combat that stress you’re feeling. These are very powerful emotions, so tap into them when you need a boost. For example, when I get an opportunity to be around beautiful nature and scenery, it’s my biggest joy trigger. I love going on bike rides and going into the mountains — even going outside into my backyard is a great reset!


  • Joey Hubbard

    Chief Training Officer

    Thrive Global

    Joey Hubbard is the Chief Training Officer at Thrive Global with over 30 years of coaching and facilitating motivational seminars to assist individuals and professional organizations in improving their lives, their careers and their businesses all over the world. From the general public, to professional athletes/sports teams, and large corporations, Joey is committed to helping people and workforces find direction and live better.