Happy June earthlings, friends, masters of the universe, and fellow goddesses!

As the end of June signifies the halfway point of the year, another season passed, and an additional school year in the books; why not take time to step back and re-evaluate what is going on in your life? Are you happy, unsatisfied, lost, wondering how you put on 10 pounds when you said you would lose 5, stuck at that same job you hate? Let me tell you, it’s time for a change.

Whether you believe in astrology or the planets affecting what goes on in our lives, we are currently in Gemini season (the best zodiac of course 😉 which revolves around one of my favorite traits; Curiosity (check back for a separate article on this!).

The word curiosity brings me back to childhood to the ridiculous phrase “curiosity killed the cat”. Growing up many of us were conditioned to sit still, think a certain way, and do what you are told. The curious children who fidgeted, wandered off, thought differently than the others were often punished, called weird, or deemed trouble makers. Don’t worry I fell in the latter category as well.

Curiosity, to me, is the most admirable trait one can possess. If our ancestors had not been curious about what lay beyond their shores would we have found other countries? If Albert Einstein had not been curious about gravity would we have the theories of relativity? If Steve Jobs had not been curious about creating his own computer would we have Apple? (OMG — life without iPhones, oh no!)

So what are you curious about? Yoga, photography, Pythagorean theorems, space, creating your own business, coding, writing? Maybe it’s something you once were passionate about while growing up and someone called it “silly” or scoffed “you can’t make a career out of that!” These are the same people that would have laughed if you told them 15 years ago that running a social media account dressing up your dog in funny clothing could become a profession (Doug the Pug, I see you). Oh what a time to be alive.

So in June I challenge you to go take the yoga class, join a club sport, re-enlist in classes at your community college, quit your job to go travel to Tibet for 2 months. Explore it! Try it! It’s less about doing this or that, and trying things until you find your niche. And if you don’t like the yoga studio or feel a connection to the people there, try another one. Keep trying until you find somewhere that makes you feel like home. In our society we are saturated with certain grandiose places where pretentious people may be lurking, but I promise your happy place is out there waiting for you to find it and welcome you with wide open arms and a hug. (The hugs may be literal — thank you Create Yoga Santa Monica teachers, you make my soul warm).

Set intentions for this month and make realistic goals to reach each week to make your plans come into existence. The hardest part is getting started so remember this when creating your objectives. If you live somewhere new and are having a hard time creating connections use this as a way to ease out of your comfort zone and have faith that the universe will provide exactly what you need to feel fulfilled.

Feel free to share below what your goals are and I’d be happy to share my email, offer guidance, and hold you accountable or give advice to those in a new place J.

With Curiosity & Love xo,

Lo Serena

Originally published at medium.com