Jana Campanelli Leadership Kindness Header

The connection between kindness and leadership may seem far-fetched. However, that is not entirely the case. When it comes to leadership, empathy is portrayed as a weakness. Kind leaders are seen not to have the capacity to make difficult decisions. Most companies face cut-throat competition from all sectors. As a result, they need to cultivate a people’s culture to thrive in their niches.

Employees need mentoring and empowerment to be more productive. A people-led way of operation can elevate your business a notch higher. Giving employees top priority results in increased sales, revenues, and returns. Here are the best ways of incorporating kindness into an organization’s leadership strategy for the company’s success:

Kind leaders develop a more productive workforce

Kind leaders consider employees’ feelings and work life. They ensure they engage all players by embracing ideas and opinions before making any final decisions. When leaders show kindness to their teams, they earn their trust. As a result, employees become happier and open to share their views.

Creating a conducive working environment goes beyond the physical aspect of the office. Teams have to work cohesively to achieve the best results. An organization needs to have kind leaders that can bring people together for its success.

Kindness is not a weakness

Being kind is not being weak. Kind leaders have a lot to bring to the table. Being a people-focused leader does not mean that one cannot make tough decisions. Leaders like Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand incorporate kindness and compassion in their leadership style. She continues to demonstrate her iconic nature while earning global respect.

Kind leaders are good leaders

Kind leaders take authenticity and transparency to the next level. As a result, they empower their teams while building trust among employees. Incorporating kindness in the leadership culture involves taking time to understand and appreciate the different personalities in an organization. 

Kind leaders go the extra mile to ensure employees are happy. That being the case, it boosts the team’s morale leading to increased productivity in the organization.

Final thoughts

Companies need to think outside the box regarding leadership. Strict and authoritative supervision has been passed by time. Today, teams appreciate down-to-earth leaders that understand what they are going through. Being a kind leader makes one become a team player, facilitating a company’s journey to success.