why leaving your desk at lunchtime is an absolute must lorraine larkin thrive global

It is very easy to stay at your desk through your lunch break. Maybe you’ve a deadline later on in the day, maybe the weather is horrible outside, or maybe you’re just too tired. However, while these excuses may seem plausible, it is an absolute must that you get away from your desk at lunchtime, and here’s why…


If you work all day without a break you will feel more stressed and more tired. As most of us work on screens and hunched over desks, we really need to give our eyes a break and stretch our backs and legs. People who skip lunch breaks are more inclined to have a quick snack at the desk, which can often mean something unhealthy, not to mention the germs on the desk.

Getting away from your desk gives you a chance to recharge the batteries. When you go to the break room and chat to colleagues about a TV show, this socialisation can boost mental health, and if you go out for a quick walk it can improve your physical health.


When you’re at your desk you are bogged down with tasks and not able to think straight, getting away from it can clear your mind, which will help you to come up with problem solving solutions and other useful business ideas.


By getting away from your desk you have a chance to mix with colleagues and getting to know people better on your team and from other teams which will enhance workflow.

Also, when you get back to your desk, you get back to your work with a burst of new energy that you wouldn’t have had if you stayed put. You are then able to tackle the afternoon with a fresher perspective and carry them out more effectively.

So next time you are at your desk and think…I can’t be bothered moving, think of all the benefits that you are missing out on!

Anyone want to meet for lunch? ?