Learn How to Be Healthy & Happy with Path Nutrition

Do you believe your life will be better after you lose weight? That’s what we’re taught to believe by the diet industry and our culture, but it isn’t true. Sure, there are benefits to managing a healthy weight but will you really be happier? Let’s explore…

Have you ever chosen to believe thoughts like:

  • “I’ll buy new clothes once I drop a few sizes” 
  • “I’ll be a better mom after I lose thirty pounds”
  • “My career will really take off or get started once I get my eating under control”
  • “I’ll finally feel confident after I lose the weight”
  • “I’ll be acceptable enough to find love once I’m thinner.”
  • “I’ll be so much happier when I arrive at the better future version of me.”

These are all thought errors, meaning you create results you don’t want when you believe them.

These thoughts roadblock you from your happiness now. 

Life doesn’t get better because you’re thinner. Life gets better because of the thoughts you choose to believe. You can lose weight and still be miserable. That’s why many people who diet and lose weight gain it right back. They haven’t changed their beliefs about themselves or food so they keep recreating the weight. 

When all you do to lose weight is change what you eat, you’ll lose the weight, but you’ll still think like you. So, if you’re unhappy and insecure now, you will still feel unhappy and insecure once you lose the weight unless you’re willing to go deeper and do the work of changing your mind. 

The first step to changing your mind is choosing to love yourself now. That doesn’t mean indulging in every whim, urge, and desire. (Ice cream I see you!) It means learning how to find compassion for yourself, watching your thoughts and sitting with your feelings. You will have to stop punishing yourself and stop denying yourself the truth. It’s a whole lot easier to be honest with yourself when you can view it from a perspective of love and compassion. 

We believe you have to love it to lose it.

Hating yourself thin does not work so please stop doing that.

You are perfect now. 

You deserve clothes that fit now. 

You are worthy of whatever you want, right now. 

Once you believe this, you’ll be able to create the results you desire by taking aligned action. Not the other way around. 

Many clients and friends have shared their fears that if they choose to love and accept themselves now that they’ll lose motivation or things will get worse. 

The opposite is true. 

When you love and respect yourself you will feel better and take appropriate action from that place. Taking action from fear doesn’t serve you. (I know from experience!) Taking action from compassion and love leads you down the right path.

Choose to lose weight because you’ve decided to. Don’t do it because you believe it will make you a happier version of yourself. Become happy now and you will lose weight if you choose to. It’s that simple!