Why Make Friends At Work Makes You Happier & More Productive

Becoming friends with your colleagues does not lower your productivity or waste time chatting. It’s the opposite, your boss and you enjoy it. Explanations.

Time Passes Quicker

You spend more time with your colleagues than with your spouse or friend during the day. If you work with people with whom you get along well, you can take advantage of them to have lunch with them or have a coffee, time passes and you have fun, beneficial and restful breaks.

Your Job Seems More Fulfilling

If you enjoy spending time with your colleagues, your work becomes more fulfilling for you. You can help yourself while working together in a good team spirit and when the break time comes, talk about your plans for the weekend or the last movie you’ve seen.

You Looked Forward To Going To Work

Working every day is intended to provide some work and also to bring you an advantage in terms of socialization. If you regularly share lunches in a cheerful atmosphere with colleagues, you will come to work every morning with an appetite. In addition, you can continue your relationship after work and develop a relationship.

You Enjoy Being Part Of A Community

With friends at work, you belong to such a small community and show more openness to others, share your concerns, exchange ideas or find solutions. This creates a support system for you because your friends at work understand better what you are doing, and you their role in the business, making it easier to help and team spirit.

You Feel More Loyal To The Company

He who has friendly relations with his colleagues feels a link with his company much stronger than others and is less inclined to leave his job to go elsewhere where he is not sure to find such a humane and pleasant environment.

Your Increase Your Productivity Gains

Studies show that when you work with people with whom you get along well, you usually become more productive, while working with a difficult colleague forces you to spend more time and energy carrying out your task, not to mention communication problems that cause, with a catastrophic impact on your productivity.

You Can Not Always Make Friends

The question to ask is whether your work friends can be “real” friends. Can these fellowships born from everyday proximity become a true friendship? The main motivation for staying in a company is not money, but the atmosphere, good or bad, friendship can arise from adversity. The social often varies from one professional environment to another, in some sectors, when someone is friendly, one always wonders why, on the premise that one is not there to make friends, but to improve in his work. The evolution of relationships also remains linked to the lifestyles of each. Age, for example, can become a drag on the relationship, the older you get, the more you assume constraints, if you live with children, you will have less time than a single for a drink after the job. But whenever possible, it is vital for you and the company to feel close to your colleagues rather than working in indifference or hostility.