It starts with a Summer holiday story

The car is packed up and the family are ready for the long drive to the gorgeous coast of Cornwall. Everyone is excited for the break but no-one is talking about the one thing they they are all thinking. No, it’s not the traffic on the A303. It’s not whether the surf will be up or even if the weather will be good. The one thing that the whole family are concerned about is, is there wifi and if so, how good is it?

Without Wifi, the world ends

So this may be an exaggeration but if you a) have kids or b) run your own internet based business then you know exactly how distressing it is to contemplate life without wifi.

What will happen to the children if they have a week without YouTube or SnapChat? They will get bored, they’ll moan more than usual and generally make your life more difficult.

And what about you? How will you cope if you can’t check your notifications and upload pictures of you overly enjoying your “laptop lifestyle”. Will you lose all the business you’ve spent years building up? Perhaps you’ll get home and everyone will have joined someone else’s group.

The pain is real people. The pain is real.

Wifi 0 – Information 1

Just because wifi isn’t playing ball, it doesn’t mean that all the information on that info highway has disappeared. It just means that you can’t access it.

Now if you’re lucky, you’ll get yourself to a great little pub in the Cornish countryside where, if you go up high enough in the garden (and possibly wave your hand in the air and/or stand on a chair) you might get a few minutes to “check in”.

If you’re really blessed, you may even get enough signal for a bit of 4G and spend a good hour surfing (the net), instead of talking with your family, and feel relief at being reconnected to the real world.

Manifesting and Wifi – what you need to know

How exactly does this relate to manifesting your desires? To start with, YOU are the Wifi and the Universe/Matrix/Quantum field is the Information Highway!

When you are functioning at FULL wifi, you are in the “manifesting zone”. You are feeling good, fully aligned with what you want. Your energy is high, your language positive and you avoid negative and lack orientated thoughts and people at all costs.

In this space, you have a direct and powerful link to the Universe. She receives your messages clearly, knows what you want and starts to create pathways to make them manifest in your life.

Losing the bars

When you start to focus on the lack i.e what you don’t have; how difficult everything is; why everyone is better than you, then your wifi signal starts to weaken. Connection to the Universe is sporadic and fuzzy and she can’t get a clear message about what you want. You’ll probably get some of what you want but it doesn’t last or feel as good as you want it to.

Tapping in to 4G

Just as 4G is limited to your payment plan, when you use 4G to manifest, you will run out of energy. This is the time when you start to force things. When you get stuck in DO-ing more rather than BE-ing. When you work harder, not smarter. In the end, your exhausted and you get a notification to say that you’ve reached your 4G limit. Connection is lost.

Manifesting isn’t magic

I actually prefer to say, “making things real” rather than manifest. I just think it takes away a bit of the mysticism. Because it’s not magic and neither is it for a chosen few. 

The magic is only visible because someone has decided and committed to implementing the rules of creation to achieve their desires. Find below my top tips to becoming “Super Fast Broadband”…..

  1. Meditate. Get out of your head. Most of that stuff in there isn’t real. 
  2. Don’t stress yourself about not knowing exactly WHAT you want. Focus on how you want to FEEL.
  3. Visual Cues are more than vision boards. Put pictures up around the house of things you want; places you want to visit; things you want in your home. They will be stored in your subconscious and you’ll soon start to find them appearing in your life for real.
  4. Cut out or cut back time with people that bring your energy down.
  5. “Act As If”….. how would you act and feel NOW if you already had this stuff. Find ways to feel that way NOW. Walk taller. Talk positively. Drink great coffee. Take a shower and get out of your jim jams!