This thought has been shared previously by many but I would take up this in a different way. Every human grows from being a child to being an adult and so on. However, the pain of materialistic loss prevails at every stage; the variability is seen in its intensity.

I will take an example from my life where two days back I lost my earphones. I kept searching for them for long and asked many friends about the same.  For me, they were significant because the product had the utility which provided me the satisfaction. However, I had a deep regret or deep sense of guilt going back in my mind.

The regret was related to the ‘materialistic loss’ that I suffered from.

Why humans attach so many emotions with materialistic things?

The question struck to my mind on the same night itself and I went into the flashback of my past. One gets so much engrossed in this kind of loss where he misses out that he has lost many important things in life as compared to the materialistic loss.

Will one carry the same regret if one has a human loss?

New things and New items can be bought again and created again with similar features. Can the same persons be brought back to life again whom we lost?

I will just leave it here with a thought that 

‘Value humans, Value people’ rather than ‘Valuing material things’