A lot of times when we hit a wall, we ask ourselves, “Why me…” Jesse Philips says it best, “Instead of ‘why me’, how about ‘what’s next?’” It’s all about mindset and perspective. At a young age, Jesse had a future career as a rugby player — then it all came to a halt. Now, 4 years after a heart transplant, Jesse has a new drive to find his new purpose — he even helped us find ours!  The final moment of his interview was key to us finding the purpose of our documentary series. So, how do you find your purpose?

1.Look For What’s Next 

Coming back from a heart transplant and over 30 days in the hospital, Jesse says in the documentary, “I can’t just sit around on the couch and do nothing with my life.” You can create anything you want in life and you have to start by looking at the future, looking at what’s next, and looking at what you want — not what you have or don’t have right now, or even what you have done in the past. Don’t let the past define you. Instead of asking “why me?”, ask “what’s next?”

2. Start With What You Love 

For Jesse, his heart was in playing rugby. It’s what got him through his heart transplant.  Now his heart is finding a way to contribute to this world. What you love to do can become your purpose and how you contribute to the world.

3.Discover It Out Here 

Sharing your story is one of the most powerful ways to connect with another human being.  When you open up about what you are really passionate about and share it with another person, it makes it real both for you and for them. You may feel vulnerable, but it pays off when people support you and helps bring your vision to life.



  • Kyle grew up in Palm Springs, began his career in Los Angeles, and now resides in New York. He has worked with the New York Mets for five years producing/editing a show for SNY, made video content for Lacoste in the 2017 Presidents Cup, created video content for the City of New York while working with elementary and middle school kids, and worked with several startups to produce impactful content that makes a difference. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach, in 2009 and started his career in the one thing he’s most passionate about: film.

    In Kyle’s free time, he is the New York chapter Co-Director of the House of Genius where he curates NY’s finest thinkers that have a unique culture, different perspective and ideas to shape this world.