In our lifetime, how many times do we ask ourselves this question? “Why me”? Have we ever thought, why the divorce rate amongst couples in most developed advanced countries has reached alarmingly high levels? Why parents have constant confrontation with their children? Colleagues in offices clash with each other, why? Communities everywhere are torn apart. Why are all these? And during our lifetime, somehow, we are part of, at least one of those above problems, and we ask ourselves, “why me”?

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The cause for this sad state of affairs, is the lack of individual assessment of humans. People round the glove are unaware that every human being is governed by his own distinct, singular nature. Hence, they do not know how to relate to other humans and suffer endless trial and tribulation. But with respect to other creatures they understand that each species possesses the same nature and relate to them accordingly. Such as people would keep their distance from a cobra but pick up a puppy or kitten and cuddle it. Because they understand and expect all the creatures to behave according to their collective nature. Whereas they expect, even demand, a human to behave different from his/her particular nature. The layperson therefore knows how to relate to all other creatures except human beings. Human has no problem in dealing with other species. But, has problems relating to humans. Which create blunders in our mind and we suffer from stress.

People do not study and determine the nature of persons individually and expect one to behave different from one’s basic structure. Like expecting a lion to behave like a deer or vice versa. You commit the grave blunder of not assessing each person and want him/her to behave different from his/her specific nature. You want the world to fit into your frame of mind. In fact, this is just not possible. You can’t expect people to behave according to your mental pattern. Not realising this, you keep complaining, grumbling about the world around you. Its like asking, why blue is not green or why is the lily not an oak?

To avoid such consequences and to live in peace and harmony, humans must carefully examine the world around them. Individually access the person you contact. Find out each one’s inherent nature and behavioural pattern. Start with those closest to you, like your spouse, children, your colleagues in office. You must clearly discern their basic constitution. And understand, that every human helplessly manifests to their own nature. As you do yours.

In this world, we are always expecting and wanting to change things in our way, and the madness goes on and on. People are unreasonable in expecting something different from the original nature of an object or being. These unreasonable expectations cause mental agitation, frustration and stress everywhere.

Therefore, you must learn and look at persons, beings and things, environments and situation as they are and not what you would like them to be. You would then be able to appreciate the beauty in everything, everybody and everywhere. It will help you to relate to the world and will decrease the amount of time you ask yourself this question: “Why me”?


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