My sister who resides in Columbus, OH told me she was going to a party Saturday morning. Given that it’s May, I assumed it was a graduation party. 

“No, this is a ROYAL WEDDING party. We’re all showing up with mimosas and hats to join in on the wedding of Meghan and Harry.”

Not since the union that gave us Princess Diana in July of 1981, have our hearts been so open to the possibility of a fairy tale wedding.

 And I’m pretty sure we all know the reason why.

Meghan Markle.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, gave up a career as an American actress to join the British royal family. By doing so, she’s touched our hearts in ways that have nothing to do with her dress, her makeup or her perfect nose. 

Here’s what I saw emanate from Meghan during the official ceremony:

1) Tenderness. If you saw the ceremony and noticed Prince Harry placing a ring on her finger, she gently helped glide it and touched his hand in a way that said “Perfectly done my dear”. Her soft touch let him know she’s in full acceptance of whatever lies ahead. In her eyes, he’ll never mess up. She’ll be firm, yet kind. Resolute yet respectful. 

She’s the bridge, the guide and the shining star all in one. 

2) Hope. Let’s face it, hearing the Ben E. King 1962 classic “Stand By Me” sung by Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir at the royal wedding, was pleasantly unexpected. The vocals tugged at the hearts of over 2 billion humans around the world.

 If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are making a pledge to ride through the roughness of life (and we know that no one is exempt from this, even a royal) then surely there’s hope for us all. Stand by me…that’s all we need. Just one person to be there, right at our side,  and all will be ok. 

If Harry and Meghan can do it, can’t we?

3) LOVE. This is it. The big one. People woke up at early hours, joined friends and family members staring transfixed at the parade of celebrities, royals and regular folk on the sidelines as the union of love was declared. All it took was one glance at the faces of Meghan and Harry, and we knew it was real.

In current times we get blasted with news full of tragedies, politics, natural disasters and more. Provide us with a few hours of true love, even at 6am and we’ll take that any day.

Because all we need is love. 

Thanks Meghan for touching the hearts of over two billion people and reminding us  that hope, tenderness and love are available to all. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness.


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