Today’s millennial generation faces an enormous amount of pressure as to how society expects them to conduct themselves. What college are we applying to? What is my major going to be? What happens now that I’ve changed majors five times? I’ve graduated college, now onto graduate school, what now? Am I ever going to settle down and find a significant other? Oh, and how am I ever going to pay off the hundreds of thousands of dollars off from my education?

These questions are common to almost every millennial going through schooling and entering into the starts of their professional careers. As a millennial myself, I know for a fact the hardest judge I face on a daily basis is myself. Why? I’m not sure. It’s a difficult question to answer. But, what I have been able to recognize is that sometimes not knowing that answer is okay.

So, I turned to MorningCoach, my daily personal coaching system, created and conducted by JB Glossinger. I listen to MorningCoach every morning on my drive to work for the fifteen minutes, and do what I can with the time I have. I can tell you that since I started with his program, I have become a much more positive and influential individual for society, but most importantly, myself. I’ve understood that living in “lack” is not beneficial and only creates negative energy that pushes away both people and my desired results.

I recently met and spoke with Nicole Nour Hanasab, a millennial life coach who has taken it upon herself to perfect her craft of helping guide hundreds of millennials out from their internal tunnels of darkness and into an illuminated pathway of success. An edited transcript of my interview with her you can read below.

Why Do Millennials Make The Perfect Clients?

We have been raised in a time of endless possibility, yet many millennials continue to feel lost and/or stuck. The question becomes why?

Education. We’re told to go to college and study something prestigious, but often times ending up on a completely different path or direction than when we first started. This becomes confusing and often times overwhelming.

Employment. We’re told to find and secure a job that can ensure our daily survival and allow for us to build up our checking accounts, savings accounts, credit, stock portfolios, and eventually a retirement portfolio. But, often times, individuals become accustomed to settling for the level of comfort they know so much about, at the expense of staying within these positions that make them miserable and unhappy.

Relationships. We’re told to find someone we can count on and grow old with, living our happily ever after fairy tale. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more challenging than people realize. Often times, individuals end up in toxic relationships and have not yet found their inner strength to break free of those relationships, causing multiple layers of insecurity and self-deprecating thoughts.

We are each born with very different gifts and talents; we have to use them to our advantage! When you are living in alignment with your authentic self, you will meet the right person, you will find the perfect job, and you will succeed! All while being the best version of yourself and feeling your absolute best!

How can you make any of these decisions until you really know yourself? My job is to help people recognize the true essence of who they are and how to exploit their unique, authentic gifts, talents, and strengths.

So, What’s Your Story?

My entire life I have been the person that friends and family would flock to for guidance, wisdom, and advice. I would coach them in their relationships and in their career direction. In many respects, I was helping them reconnect with their inner-self, pushing them to find that self-esteem, love, and confidence they had which was buried underneath layers of insecurity.

Like many young adults, I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life! It seemed like the biggest decision of my life, and there was so much pressure to figure it out. I received my bachelor’s and graduate degrees in Digital Marketing, so I was already attuned to how our demographic and generation communicated with one another and expressed themselves online.

I also held an incredible job; making great money, flexible hours, everything I had asked for. But, there was something missing for me. I got to a place where my soul was yearning for more. I truly felt I had so much more to offer to the world, that my natural gifts and talents were not being used. I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how.

As a Life Coach, I have made it my pursuit to help millennials find their clarity and direction so they they too can live a truly fulfilling and happy life. Life is too beautiful to be wasted sitting at a job you hate, living through a suffocating relationship, or struggling with your own insecurities.

Through a series of incredible events, the universe helped me to realize that I should make the very core of who I am, into a fulfilling career. I owed it to myself and to the world. Recognizing this, I attracted an incredibly client-base, met my soulmate, and developed clarity in all areas of my life. Once I started living in alignment, everything else began falling into place seamlessly.

Every Millennial Needs A Coach, But It May Not Be A “Life Coach”

Credit: JB Glossinger and MorningCoach

I thought it would also be interesting to have the MorningCoach himself, JB Glossinger, jump in on the importance of having a coach or life coach by your side. Here was JB’s response:

Look, every millennial needs a coach, but it may not be a life coach. If they’re wanting to run a business, they need a business coach. If they’re an athlete, they need an athletic coach. If they have a problem with addiction, they may need a therapist or accountability coach to maintain sobriety.

They need to identify their objective in order to match up with the right coach. And, they may need several different coaches – like a nutrition coach and a workout coach. It all depends on their goals. Most of all, they need to develop a relationship with a trusted advisor that is knowledgable in the area that they need to grow.

Most people, regardless of age, need a second opinion and a source of new ideas and perspective. Your peer group may have a blind spot that you’re unaware of. A coach will help you discover that.

If you don’t know your objective or direction, that is where a great life coach can help you. But, a great life coach won’t tell you what you should experience. They will listen carefully and help you discover your unique direction. In your search for the right coach, be cautious of someone who is telling you what to do. A great coach will listen.