Bringing mindfulness into relationships can elevate your experience of romance. Imagine how your relationships might be different if you were more focused on being present to your feelings and your partner. What if you were able to be 100 percent present with your partner and yourself during any given exchange of love, caring, passion, or even conflict?

In a relationship, any interaction is really one of the heart. Whether you define the heart as the organ that pumps your blood, the emotional energy center in the center of your chest, or the complicated chemical symphony coursing through your body, energy is truly at the center of the matter.

Better Sex

When you engage in sexual activity with someone, your vital life force gets mixed with theirs. When it is right, this is a natural, positive energy exchange. However, either you have to know someone pretty well to know that their field is healthy and that you want to bond in this way or your intuition has to be very sure and strong that it is healthy and enhancing to your well-being to fool around with this person. By being mindful and aware of your energetic well being you can cultivate feelings or emotional safety. You can learn to trust yourself and through your mindful conscious choices improve the quality of your sex life. 

Be aware that endorphins make us want more endorphins, which translates into wanting more intimate touching and sex. They are part of nature’s ploy to get us to propagate the species. These chemicals can become a resource for pleasure, but they need to be managed with awareness.

Imagine bringing two people in this space together to date and eventually be intimate.  Both people are emotionally mature and kind to themselves. They are present. As a bond grows and new things are discovered, sexual tension grows, too. The more these two people honor each other and themselves, the more passionate energy flows between them. It’s effortless and natural. It’s simply energy moving back and forth as they get to know one another.  

When the heart and the body get together and experience love, profoundly satisfying things can happen with a partner or even on your own. Sex and love are best when intertwined in an erotic dance. That’s when things can get cosmic. You can connect in spirit this way and love can be experienced in myriad intoxicating forms.

You Understand Who You Are

Your heart longs to be seen for its love and its sacred, special nature. Everybody’s does. It hopes in its quiet moments that someone will see the truth within and find it worthy of love. When you are present to yourself, something beautiful can happen. You can truly see yourself, flaws and strengths, and be captivated with your own unique colors.

Coming from the space of experiencing loving and caring for yourself and even allowing that self-love to inform your behavior means that you are solid in who you are. Thereby you become inherently, effortlessly confident and absolutely magnetic to the right people. These right people can see your radiance and have experienced their own beauty, too.  

Remember, you are sacred and people you are with should view you, and themselves, as such. This is all about the heart. When you are an aware, conscious woman, you date with authority. You own your life and your space. You are empowered and allow the chemicals of attraction to be your allies. This happens because you are aware of how they affect you. Then you can choose how you want to experience them. If you choose to have a one time sexual encounter, it will be enhancing for you if you are approaching it from a space of conscious, mindful awareness. And, if you are havign relationship sex then you can be present, mindful, and concsious to enrich that experience, too.

Through mindfulness, we embrace the heart and invite it to feel emotionally safe and nurtured. When the heart feels safe, we lessen the likelihood of distractions of an emotional nature that may take us outside of our focused presence.