The issue of motivating someone is a technique that is especially helpful for encouraging the young generation nowadays to adjust themselves to the stages of behavioural change, failures as well as make personal choices in life. It is a kind of client-based therapy that works fast usually in one or two sessions for people who have suffered abuses or problems of addiction, and the therapists offer advice for a healthier life by exploring and resolving one’s insecurities as well as motivating them in a new light. With the widespread increase in population and fast-changing lifestyles, many social organisations are indulging themselves in offering motivational and stress management treatments for building confidence among the people thereby help them in achieving specific goals as well as break through all the barriers and setbacks thus paving the ways for a better living. It is also valid for those who get angry quickly or have been victims of ill health such as diabetes or heart diseases as counselling can help them in overcoming the emotional conflict that they go through by paying attention to even the smallest of things making them strong both mentally and physically.

The motivational counsellors use strategies and techniques based on mutual trust to examine and empower a person internally with long-term benefits rather than being motivated by external agents such as close mates or doctors. Weight loss is one of the significant areas of concern for individuals today who are not willing to do exercises regularly thereby suffer from mixed feelings or turbulence in mind. In all such cases, the counselling process is quite active as the therapist might offer advice as well as resolve all the uncertainties allowing the person to understand what works and what does not. It is also sufficient for the people who experience anxiety, frustration or other negative feelings, which if remain unchecked can increase the stress levels leading to lack of proper sleep or other ill health conditions. By taking the help of the counsellor, one can get assistance in settling disputes as well as cope up and adapt themselves to the stressful situations in life.

Pieces of evidence have proved the fact that by applying the principles of motivation has successfully helped the patients in developing self-efficacy and improve socialisation thereby overcome the natural resistance concerning the change process. Moreover, the counselling professionals offer suggestions as well as gives feedback regarding a person’s thoughts, feelings and expressions thus improving the level of confidence thereby allowing the person to find practical solutions to the problems. The methods and procedures have also been used in clinical trials such as reduction in the spreading of HIV infections, increased diet and exercise, decreased alcohol consumption and the control of cholesterol. Again the impact of motivational counselling has resulted in highly successful results in diverse areas such as reducing the fears and panic of childbirth, decreasing numbers of caesarean delivery also besides changes in the risk behaviour in adolescents. This process aims at regularly enhancing a person’s strong points exposing the individual to be more open leading to an enjoyable and sustained living.