At the beginning of the decade, I was unemployed and unmotivated sitting on my parents couch watching Netflix.

I was stuck. Mentally, metaphorically and physically.

I was just stuck. Sitting there, being a blob and wishing that life wasn’t happening to me.

But it was.

And the thing that made me realize that I could happen to life was movement.

I had an entire list of things I wanted to do (start a business, travel the world, live wherever I wanted), but none of them seemed possible. Except for one movement goal – run a triathlon.

After months of telling myself I couldn’t do anything, I realized I had no excuse not to get outside and put on my shoes and train. And the funny thing was, when I finished, I realized that the only thing holding me back – wasn’t anything at all – it was me.

When I realized I could push myself physically farther than I ever thought I could, it changed everything. I realized I could push myself farther in every other area of life as well.

So I got to work.

I started a blog, i took a job I didn’t think I was qualified for, I learned everything I could and eventually started a business.

The mentality I learned from movement bled over to everything else in my life.

So many people live in their heads that they forget what they’re actually physically capable of. Then, when they move, it forces them out of whatever story they tell themselves in their head – and they realize they can do so much more.

I called my blog IMPOSSIBLE because everything that used to seem impossible felt like a final statement. Now I look at the word like a challenge.

When I turned it on it’s head and started trying to prove the word impossible wrong through movement, everything changed. Now, instead of quitting before I started, I realized even if something was hard – I could likely do it (and it would make for a good story on the blog).

And it created a chain reaction.

Running a triathlon, led me to clean up my diet, and train harder than I ever had before.

Cleaning up my diet led me to research paleo and keto diets, and learn how to cook healthy recipes.

Training harder took me around the world by running an ultra marathon on every continent.

Running ultras led me to start an IMPOSSIBLE foundation.

Getting injured let me re-engineer my bodymechanics and focus on recovery and stretching regularly.

By channeling movement, everything that used to seem IMPOSSIBLE – simply turned into a challenge.

But movement hasn’t just fueled physical change, its fueled life change.

Being a better athlete, let me push the goals on my impossible list.

Pushing myself on my impossible list, prepared me to be a better speaker.

Being a better speaker forced me to become a better business person and consultant working with businesses.

In short, movement doesn’t just have the power to change your body. Movement can change your entire mindset. And that, can change your life.