Whether going into the salon for a manicure and pedicure or doing your nails at home, the act of caring for your nails and applying color is an act of self-care. Nail care offers a chance for relaxation and renewal of the mind, body, and of course hands/feet and nails. Applying color to nails can also give the wearer mood-boosting benefits and evoke positive feelings associated with specific colors!

Nail Care is Self-Care

The benefits of nail care being self-care extend far beyond the application. To me, color is transformational. I always say that color can change your look – and your outlook. Want to feel vibrant? What about powerful? Or, perhaps you want to feel sexy? There is a nail color that evokes each of these feelings. For example, my signature nail color is red. Red makes me feel polished, professional, powerful, and even a little sexy. Brighter tones are more playful, energetic, and draw attention, while the deeper shades are more moody, confident, and sultry. There’s truly a shade for everyone and for every occasion.

At the same time, there’s nothing permanent or extravagant about nail color. Nail lacquer is truly an affordable luxury that’s also a great fashion accessory. Nail lacquer offers an easy way to change or complete your entire look. Lacquer is one of the most accessible accessories available.

Experimenting with new colors and textures is fun, and because lacquer is affordable, you can try many different trends. Nail color is now accessible for all socio-economic and age levels, which is a revolutionary change from when manicures were only for special occasions or for women who could afford a high price tag. 

Nothing is More Rewarding

Now, nails are a major part of a complete beauty regimen. To me, nail care is just like oral hygiene – very important and noticeable when neglected. Beautifully groomed nails show that a woman enjoys taking care of herself. Hands are a key female zone and unlike many other feminine ideals, the focus isn’t placed on size. The focus on hands and nails is always positive.

Instead of pressure to look a certain way, you can’t make a mistake when it comes to nail lacquer. Hands are all about expression and emotions, and you can’t go wrong – no matter what look you choose. Our hands are visible to everyone all day, every day, making them worthy of a little extra time and attention. With simple, regular upkeep, you can easily have beautiful nails. We also look at our own hands all day, so there is something very rewarding in having well-maintained, beautiful nails.

Having lacquered nails is the ideal way to complete your look, try a new trend, embrace a new style, or just make a simple change that makes you look and feel more beautiful. Nails are uniquely for YOU since you’re looking at them all day. They offer an instant pick-me-up. For little investment, nails complete a look, and when you look good, you feel good.