It looks like there’s a lot of uncertainty, fear and – yes, let’s be honest – panic in the world right now but actually it’s the best time to work on your mindset. Why? Because critical situations and challenging conditions are perfect environment to give you that extra push and activate your hidden potential.

Here’s what you can do to work on your mindset:

✅ focus on what’s within your control, not on what’s outside of it. You might not be able to affect what’s happening in the world on a global level but you are fully in command of what you do, think and how you behave. Focus equals control, control equals results.

✅ manage distractions. Even though it can be tempting to binge read news and be fully up to date on the latest statistics of tested positive cases it’s actually a) not really helpful; b) is a huge distraction. Maintain your personal “news” boundaries: decide on the timing and length of the news consumption and stick to the schedule.

✅ train your mindset to notice three positive changes a day. By making an effort to notice and recognise positive changes you’ll train your mind to pay attention and focus on opportunities.

✅ eliminate your “sunk cost” mindset. A lot of people have been affected by events/concerts/holidays being cancelled (myself included!) but the longer you stay attached to the “sourness” of it the more it will affect your present and future decision making. Whatever’s lost is lost, don’t end up losing even more in the end.

And remember: training your mindset is like growing muscles – you can’t have a six-pack just after one visit to the gym. Enjoy practicing!