It’s a Saturday night, and I feel like the safest thing to do is stay at home to avoid contacting or spreading Covid-19.  I’m sitting here in my Brooklyn bungalow drinking coffee at 7PM thinking about all of the fear and anxiety people are having at this time. Many of us are becoming fearful over finances, our health, our loved ones’ safety, and the unknown of what on earth is happening! In my 27 years of life I can’t recall a time where every person I have interacted with – online, in person, in America, or across the globe – has felt a sense of fear creep in all pinpointing back to the same thing, Covid-19. I want to tell you why now more than ever is the time to be pushing out fear. 

Fear is a natural universal emotion that your body can easily feed off of. In a time where we must look out for one another’s safety and health, eliminating fear is crucial. When fear is present your biochemical state alters and makes you more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Typically when fear comes it goes. However, when fear creeps in and causes stress that isn’t released it can begin to shut down parts of your body and have a negative impact on how it functions.  

When you are in a fearful state your brain is also affected, and it can lead to irrational thinking. All you need is a small dose of fear for your subconscious mind to create a story that will influence you to feel anxious, unsafe, or in a panic mode. Fear based thinking will hinder you tremendously. Your body will literally feed off of the story you tell yourself.  Are you thinking in a way that supports your safety, happiness, peace, and strength? Or are you feeding your inner villain and allowing fear to take you down a negative spiral? It’s important to remember that a change of thought can lead to a change in conditions. You must not live life in a state of fear.  Living in fear will only create more of it as you continuously think about it. Fear takes away the joy in the present moment and the unlimited possibilities that life has to offer. 

As we must take precautions and look out for the well-being of one another, we must remember to push out the fear that creeps up. Life is full of highs and lows, and this too shall pass. Continue to appreciate being in the presence of those you love and the blessings that each day still has to offer.  If anxiety or fears come up I have a few recommendations: 

  1. Replace fearful thoughts. If you catch yourself overly fearful around a specific outcome switch the fear to something uplifting.  By continuously changing the thoughts that come up when you are anxious you will be able to re-train your brain and in turn decrease your anxiousness. 
  2. On a sheet of paper write out 3 things you are grateful for.  No matter how tough things may be, there is always something to be grateful for. Shifting your focus on the good will direct your energy to a higher vibration that will lead you to feeling uplifted, abundant, blessed, and grateful. 
  3. Do something that makes you feel good: bake, read, do yoga, put on a facemask, or all of the above! Shifting your focus to something that makes you feel good will be very beneficial.  
  4. Continue to protect your mental health as well as your body. Eat nutritious meals that will keep your immune system feeling good! There are numerous benefits to eating organic and fermented foods. Do at home workouts and continue to keep your body moving. Exercising is also a great way to get that stress hormone released! 
  5. Take a few moments to focus on your breathing. Taking a moment to do some slow deep breaths in and out will be very beneficial to getting you centered and relaxed. Inhale and exhale. Stop whatever you are doing and just focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Put on some calming music and unplug from the outside world. 

In a time where anxiety and fear are skyrocketing, the world needs you to unleash your inner hero. By pushing out fear you are creating a tremendous impact on yourself as well as those around you.

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