Studies have shown that the disorder in our spaces can cause us certain problems related to our health.

In this time that we must spend confined at home to stop the contagion of the coronavirus, our relationship with time has changed. If before we hardly had it due to routines and responsibilities, right now we have too much to spare. This quarantine can provide for many people some mental disorders related to anxiety or depression; therefore, it is vitally important to stay entertained and take care of our mental health.

Cleaning and decoration of the home by painting the house and chose the best attractive colors of ceiling tiles and also make your house green with the help of different plants and flowers is one of the best activities to spend the day at home, and not only that, but also to protect ourselves from a possible unwanted contagion. Similarly, it is not advisable to carry out this task excessively at the risk of becoming obsessed and falling into a spiral of mental paranoia whereby you believe that the domestic environment is never completely clean.

Various investigations have proven that the disorder in our spaces can produce a physiological response, including an increase in the levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

Although cleaning is sometimes difficult, especially after the daily activities that we must do, experts in the field point out the trick is to change the mentality.

Many people think of the tiredness that cleaning and ordering the house causes them, but others think of organizing their home to distract themselves and relax. The difference is in their attitude and this is reflected in the emotional well-being they obtain at the end of their tasks.


A home with clean and orderly spaces offers emotional benefits for everyone.

Less stress

Having a clean house relaxes you. Peace and harmony are felt in the environment and that causes a well-being effect on your mind and improves your mood. Also, at the time of ordering the spaces, your mind stays busy and is distracted.

Sleep well

Clutter can prevent your mind from relaxing to rest. Therefore, it is important that you try to keep your room tidy all the time.

More creativity

A clean and orderly space allows you to focus better. Also, keeping your house tidy will require a certain skill to take advantage of every corner, which will help you activate your mind and develop the ability to solve problems.

Close cycles

Cleaning and organizing your spaces can be good therapy, especially when you are trying to close a cycle and open a new one. This allows you to get rid of all the objects and clothes that you were only accumulating and that no longer have space for your new life.

Better decisions

Clutter can prevent you from thinking clearly. Putting everything in order can help you focus and decide what is best and important.