A successful entrepreneur and business leader is depicted by his/her ability to turn information into action. It is from the ability to use the knowledge gained and build experience that individuals reach an unmatched success. Whether it is through trial and error or simply having the willingness to not give up, successful people know that without hard work and dedication, nothing is possible. Bill Murphy has spent much of his time making things happen for himself and others. Through his extensive knowledge and experience, Murphy has built a company that continues to help others reach new heights.

At only 34 years old, Bill Murphy is a serial solar entrepreneur and co-founder of 8-figure solar sales and installation companies. Although Murphy did not obtain a college degree, it has not deterred his way to success. In fact, it was because of his lack of education and simply out of necessity that he began to learn the art of sales. Through his focus and learning of selling, his career path took an immediate turn. Murphy’s first job after his attempt at a college education was at Gold’s Gym. At Gold’s Gym, he began as a Membership Director only making 20 dollars per membership sale. Positioned as a Membership Director, Murphy realized that he had the ability to closely mirror other sales people and their techniques.

The Start of The Solar Cheat Code

After 6 years of working as a Regional Manager of 7 Gold’s Gym locations, Bill wanted to try something new. Murphy, naturally restless, was in search of something innovative and completely different. After talking to one of his close friends and co-workers, they began to talk business. Their conversation was filled with so many ideas that after much discussion, the solar business made the most sense to them. While clueless about the business at first, Murphy and his company continues to be considered one of the big names in the Northeast Solar Market.

Bill Murphy is the owner and creator of the most dynamic online solar sales and lead generation training platform. His company, The Solar Cheat Code(SCC), teaches solar companies wholesale lead generation techniques that are incredibly unique. While these techniques have been largely kept secret by big lead generation companies, The Solar Cheat Code seeks to teach and expand those techniques. All, while creating wildly profitable companies across the world. Murphy and his team have worked are solar company owners and their experience has only strengthen their ability to be positioned with continuous success.

Learning From Others, Building an Empire

One of the most unique aspects about Bill Murphy is that he has owned several solar sales and installation companies. Through his unmatched experience, Murphy has been in the same shoes as his current clients. He knows what it’s like to have little success in conversions, but he has learned from others. With time, Murphy and his team were able to self-educate themselves and create their own lead funnels.

This past year, Murphy began consulting other companies on the techniques they implemented in hopes that they too, would achieve the same results. Indeed they did. Within the first 6 months of The Solar Cheat Code, over 150 companies joined the program. While other solar companies have hired marketing and digital marketing experts to help scale their business, the SCC does so much more than that. Not only is the SCC scaling other businesses, but they provide a clear and in-depth understanding of what these companies need. Bill Murphy and his team are solar business owners and they know and act with such knowledge and experience. The SCC team has learned from others and their experience and have built an empire unlike any other.

The SCC Team Turn Information into Action

Since founding the SCC in May of 2018, over 150 solar sales businesses have scaled their companies through lead conversions. From clients like Vivint, SunRun and Tesla are turning to Murphy to level up their businesses. Their techniques and the way they teach enables each company to gain the results they are looking for. The SCC program is a difference maker and the results are just a glimpse of the success they continue to have. These companies are producing their own leads, on demand, without a digital marketer and it all has been because of Bill Murphy.

Bill Murphy has achieved an overwhelming amount of success but what truly makes him and his team stand out is the way they care for the success of their clients. The SCC team turn their information into action by helping others achieve astonishing results. Murphy and his team are changing the solar industry and they are only getting started.