How much passion do you have? Do you love your life? What about the people in your life? Do you have a job that is fulfilling? What about hobbies?

We can ask ourselves these kinds of questions as a way of inquiring within for honest answers. Our answers can help us get a clear snapshot of our level of excitement and passion for life.

The truth about passion is that when we have it, we are filled with hope and spirit. When we are passionate about an area of life, we come alive.

When we bring passion into our work and various areas of life, we amplify the level of enjoyment and fulfillment we receive and share with others — passion is contagious.

When I was first starting out as an entrepreneur and writer a decade ago, I was bursting at the seams with passion and possibility. I had a huge dream of helping others through spreading messages of hope and love into the world.

I started by writing and publishing a series of books for children and their families called, The Captain Joe series. The books were based on my son Joe, who was just a baby at the time. I couldn’t be any more passionate about the character or message in the book if I tried. There was no hope of keeping a lid on my enthusiasm and excitement.

I was certain these books were going to help change the lives of children and their parents. I poured myself into creating them, and spent countless hours dreaming about how they would help others. A short time later, I launched them out into the world.

I held a great party and book launch open to the public. It was one of the best days of my life as a writer and creative. Not because it was my best work or a huge success — far from it. What made it so special was how I felt. I was exactly where I wanted to be. My dream had come to life and there I was sharing it with others. I felt so alive and present. There wasn’t a thought of doubt that crossed my mind about myself or the future — just pure unbridled passion and love for what I was doing and offering out to the world.

Fast forward nine years; seven additional book projects; an E-Course; hundreds of blog posts and articles; and thousands of hours injected into creative endeavors. Now as I ask myself these questions about passion in my life, I very quickly realize it has been passion that has fueled nearly every creative venture I have been fortunate to carry out.

I am not sure any of the projects have been injected with the same level of pure passion as that very first book series. But every time I hit a roadblock, setback or overwhelming feeling of defeat, it is my passion for why I do what I do that helps me move forward and find joy in the journey again.

Our passion is our pot of gold. It lives within us and is endless. All it needs to grow is our permission to tap into it and allow it to flow into our mindset and actions. Passion changes the game of life. It makes what seems hard and complicated, transform into the most beautiful and fulfilling journey.

Recently, I was invited by my friend Bill Robinson to present at the ‘Human Professional Library’ event at our local high school. There were 28 business and community leaders who came together — we became ‘the books’. The students came around and spent a bit of time chatting with us about what we do, and why and how we do it.

At one point during the event, Bill came to my table and started talking to the students about when he first met me. It was nine years ago at my book launch for the Captain Joe book series. He went on to tell them how struck he was by my enthusiasm and passion for what I was doing. He said he knew then that I meant business, not because of the books but because of my passion — my spirit.

It very quickly dawned on me in that moment — as I was talking to youth about their futures — that the most important choice we continually make has to do with passion. It is not what you decide to do, or how many career changes you make over a lifetime that will have the greatest impact on your life. What makes all the difference in the world is choosing to enjoy life while you are living it.

Tapping into our passion to help fuel our big decisions, overcome obstacles and enjoy the journey, is the most worthwhile practice of a lifetime.

What might change if you injected more passion and zest for life into your overall mindset today?

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Originally published at on March 9, 2017.

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  • Emily Madill is an author and certified professional coach, ACC with a BA in business and psychology. Emily is one of Thrive Global's Editors-at-large and a coach at BetterUp. She has published 11 titles in the area of self-development and empowerment, both for children and adults. You can find her writing in Chicken Soup for the Soul:Think Positive for Kids; Thrive Global; The Huffington Post; TUT. com; Best Self Magazine; MindBodyGreen; The Muse;; TinyBuddha; Aspire Magazine and others. Emily has a private coaching practice and an online program offering courses that support others to create lasting habits around self-love, well-being and all things related to time and weekly planning. She lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, with her husband, two sons and their sweet rescue dog Annie. Learn more at: