If you have been wondering if you have ‘clarity’… you probably don’t. But don’t worry, you are not alone!

I can’t even tell you how powerful finally receiving clarity can be. When I heard the word ‘clarity’, I used to think about it as something clean or clear. I never really referred to it as the number one business MUST HAVE.

All my life I have been a very creative person, always loving to do many things. I wanted to try so many careers and hobbies, simply to make sure I had experienced them all. I never wanted to look back and think to myself “I wish I had tried that”. Being a creative person is amazing, rewarding and colorful, however it can also be very difficult and frustrating. Creative minds whirl around in twenty different directions all at once, and I am sure I am not alone when I say this!

Long story short, years ago my family thought it was quite comical how I would constantly be trying new things and doing something new every-single-year. ‘Comical’ meaning they thought it was flighty and a bit dumb of me not to be locking down my 50 year career in something solid, something they understood, something mainstream. It’s not that I ever actually failed at any of those careers that I tried out, it was actually the opposite. I tried them all to experience them. I wanted to try anything that I thought I would love, but found that they all were not my soul’s true purpose and at that time. I had no idea what my soul’s true purpose was!

When I finally started working with my very first business coach, I realized what I wanted my life to look like and how I needed to get there. I was getting clear on some very simple feelings that I wanted to achieve. Things actually began to make sense. I was amazed. I stopped one day in total amazement. I realized that I had wasted over $70,000 over the past number of years NOT BEING CLEAR about my future direction. I had always thought that being a very capable person, I could just figure it out on my own, eventually.

Getting clear can be a very scary thing at first. We initially say no to clarity because it means our life will change when we find it. People who are ready for that clarity defining journey are people that want to make a difference in their life. Truth be told, you are only going to be able to change something in your life if you are energetically ready for it. This is the same for a clear and concise plan for your future.

Ultra creative mind or not, clarity will make you change for the better. It will make you stop wasting your time. It will get you out of our comfort zone. It will have you stop wasting money! So how do you find clarity you ask? Well, you could go on a week long vision quest, spend time with a monk, ask a spiritual guru, or you could spend time with yourself asking a few key questions such as…

What makes me really happy (aka — What makes my heart sing)? (Number these things in sequence of importance once they are written down)

What does my ideal day look like? (Location, events, people, activities)

When I was little, what did I love to do? What came natural to me?

If I could provide the world with one message, what would that be?

What things do I really value?

What do I want to leave as my legacy her on Earth? What do I want to be remembered for?

What makes me feel happy and complete within my soul?

Originally published at www.wildandcreative.com on April 28, 2016.