I started my career back in 2000 when the world was just starting to adjust to the idea of the internet. Websites were just being built and the benefits weren’t fully realised. That was 20 years ago, a lifetime ago for some, only yesterday to me.

The reason for this very quick trip down memory lane is to take us back to the time when we spoke to each other by picking up the phone, we arranged face to face meetings and sat opposite people and had good conversations. Kindness was prevalent amongst the way we worked, as we used our innate need to connect with other people everyday. Granted we may have worn our “work face” but we still showed up, in person and moved forward with our objectives and goals.

As 20 years has flown by, we have seen the launch and success of Social Media Platforms, Podcasts, Online Summits etc.. all designed to engage and encourage a conversation online without the need to meet face to face. I have been fortunate enough to build some very big communities, my business communities reach upto 7 million people around the world, something which can only be achieved through harnessing technology. I am no stranger to the benefits of using technology within my business and my marketing.

Building such a large community for myself and for my clients has taught me several really important things:

  1. People crave connection. The internet can be a lonely place when you spend all day behind a phone or laptop screen. The desire to belong to something that “means” something is still very much there amongst us all.
  2. We want to have a good engaging conversation, where we can feel we have contributed.
  3. We want our voice to be heard and to feel that we have a purpose and matter.
  4. Not all forms of comments are meant to cause harm – Try to see the world from another persons point of view. Social Media, brings together people from all around the world, sometimes english phrases can be used in a direct manner and may appear to be insulting, when in fact it is just a direct translation of a phrase which may be perfectly fine in another language.
  5. Kindness is prevalent in every community we are part of online. When you offer Kindness online and provide a safe space, you will witness loyalty, engagement, support and advocacy. The perfect combination for a successful business or enterprise.

“As Human beings we want to feel, we want to be reminded of the good in the world and the impact that we can all make as individuals”

We used to share Kindness by having a face to face conversation, we now share kindness with strangers from around the globe by belonging to a cause or a mission which binds us.

“Kindness is the new currency in business – as it should be”

Kindness will create customer loyalty, build meaningful engagement which enables you as a business owner to connect with the very people you would like to absorb your message. And when done right, you will also create advocates who will travel with you on the path ahead, telling anybody who will listen how amazing your product or service is.

Kindness is such a powerful currency. We all have a Kindness account, with an endless supply of Kindness currency.

How are you using yours and ensuring that it counts?


  • Effie Moss

    To inspire others to follow their dreams, so that, together, we can leave a mark on the world

    :The Kindness Company and The Monday Club

    A self confessed sparkly magpie and lover of all things creative. An optimist, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a small business cheerleader and a dreamer. I spent my 20's working for big corporate companies and my 30's building a 7 figure company and taking it down after discovering how disconnected I was, from the very reason I created it. My 40's are here and waiting for me and I intend to use my time writing, sharing and learning, whilst inspiring others to follow their dreams, so together, we can leave a mark on this world. My current businesses include:
    • The Kindness Company, a worldwide business reaching millions of people a week with a beautiful handcrafted product
    • The Monday Club, a brilliant community of entrepreneurs, business owners and all round good humans who are invested in building powerful online communities, infused with integrity and heart.