Whom do you love the most?

Take a moment to recap your life, from the first memory you have on your life. It could be anywhere between receiving that chocolate from your grade 1 friend or riding your tricycle. Now, think about the present moment. Who has been with you during all these times? With whom have you been extraordinarily close? Is it your Mom? Is it your spouse? If it is an alternate person, take a second thought. You would understand that it was YOU with whom you were extraordinarily close. From the moment you are on this earth to the time of your eternal journey, you are going to have “you” with yourself throughout the journey. In the due course of time, it could be only you, for you.

What COVID-19 taught me about self love?

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing unusual events that humanity has never faced so far. I learnt a golden lesson.

Nothing is permanent or constant, except the change itself.

When this world can come to a standstill due to an invisible microorganism, what else can we deem permanent in this fragile world we live in? Change is the one and only force that cannot be changed. This crucial time would end it with the citation “Hence the proof”. We have led mother earth suffer in the hands of pollution, global warming, racism, hatred and ego. It is high time we realise where we went wrong.

As the saying goes, everything starts with ourselves. We would be the only person who would be with us throughout our lifetime. Only when we love ourselves would we be able to love everyone else unconditionally.

How should we love ourselves?

Throughout our lifetime, it is essential for us to love ourselves, irrespective of what we do and achieve. It should be an unconditional, non-egoistic and selfless love. The passion and affection for ourselves should overflow from our heart. Anything can happen at anytime, for anyone. We might even face times when we have nothing left to lose, except ourselves. Hence we should not compromise in self-love. It should flow from ourselves deeply. With self-love, we are going to realize that every living organism in this world deserves to be loved. That is going to bring a lot of change in the society.

The thin line between selfishness, self love and self obsession

Self love doesn’t mean being selfishness or self obsessed.

I deserve the best, so does everyone else- This is self love.

I deserve the best, but I don’t care about others- This is selfishness.

I deserve only the best, better and the good. It is all about myself- This is self obsession.

Self love would let you see what this world means for everyone else. Selfishness and self obsession would hide your vision towards others and push you into the abyss of your own world. Practicing self love would teach you the beauty of life and existence. Selfishness and self obsession would lead you to constant fear and dilemma of being beaten up in the race by others. Self love has got a lot to do with selflessness. A Forbes article written by Mark Travers points out the research which found out that people who are selfless tends to earn well and lead a successful life.

How can we practice self love?

Self love isn’t a rocket science. It requires you to realize the immense potential you have within yourself. These 7 tips could lead you to the path of falling love with yourself.

  • Take some time in a day to do what you love. It can be anything from yoga, cooking, listening to music or zumba dance.
  • Self-reflect on your best decisions, achievements, skill set, efforts and praises you have received so far.
  • Meditate for at least 15 minutes in a day. Your mind would ooze positive vibrations.
  • Surround yourself with people who loves you. Try to ignore the haters or understand from their point of view on why they behave that way to you.
  • Dedicate 30 minutes in your life to yourself. No work-related thoughts. No stressful inner conversation. It should act as a positive self-realization session.
  • Avoid addictive and toxic habits like drinking, smoking and drugs. Treat your mind and body like a temple.
  • Never hesitate to laugh and smile a lot, even in times of despair and confusion. Spread that positivity towards others too.

Ending it on a positive note

You have crossed and sailed across everything successfully so far. What stops you from falling in love with that beautiful person? Yes, it’s YOU.

Love yourself, because you are worth it.