When I talk to fellow creatives, so many of us want to be happy in our work and have the means to experience everything that excites us.

And so many of us get stuck in a loop of getting excited by – and trying to do – so many things and not getting very far on any one thing!

If this happens to you, you’re not alone. Creative stress and overwhelm is common, and it’s fixable.

I’ve touched on this before but it’s powerful. The World Health Organisation cites stress as the #1 health epidemic of the 21st century. How many of us are living lives of stress and overwhelm while missing out on the full experience of life?

Creativity = joy and joy = creativity

The thing is, creativity generally comes from a place of joy and connection, and creativity brings joy and connection!

Wanting and trying to do it all can be toxic to your creativity, progress and happiness. You can love many things and still move ahead in your work.

All the messages that we have to work and hustle and do/be more aren’t helpful nor will they lead to a sustainable, meaningful life that feels good day to day (reminder: life is right this second, not in the future!).

I’m all for hard work and creative possibilities. And – I’m also all for the other important things in life that bring meaning and joy.

When you love lots of things and love running with ideas it can be easy to throw yourself into it every waking hour. But when it’s at the expense of a restful nights sleep, meaningful relationships and your physical and mental health, it’s not a long term solution.

One of the reasons I love yoga so much is because of its philosophy as a way of living joyfully moment-to-moment. And there’s so much to be gained from this as an ambitious creative. Yoga’s Yamas & Niyamas (inner and outer behaviours) guide us to discipline our brilliant minds enough to thrive, without feeling constricted (a hideous thought!). Some of these behaviours include moderation, truthfulness, contentment and discipline. They support a stronger and clearer mindset and help us to determine what is the next right action, without feeling run ragged.

So can you promise yourself something?

The next time you get overwhelmed, you won’t start questioning yourself, or just quit. Instead? Take a breather, shift your energy and ask yourself what is the next *most important* action in order to progress?

Your creativity matters and your joy matters – to you and to us. And I believe that when you channel your beautiful mind, it’s the making of you.