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The journey to success is never easy, here’s why you need to learn the importance of productivity to high performance.

Helping high-performing professionals realign and stay focused on their personal and business goals is one of Justin Holland’s objectives. He understands that it is not that easy for an athlete, coaches, and even entrepreneurs to stay focused as there will be a lot of distractions and challenges along the way. Teaching them to integrate more balance in their life, specifically their health and relationships by creating an action plan that is time-bound and realistic. Justin Holland believes that we can have more than one purpose in all aspects of our lives. All we need is to create a rapid action plan, know the outcome and understand why you want to achieve it.

Few people were born with health problems just like Justin. He was born with Dyslexia and was told by health professionals that he has poor gross motor skills and won’t be able to become an athlete or perform better. But, it didn’t stop him from achieving his goal, he worked twice as hard to withstand the odds to accomplish and do great in sport particularly in Freestyle wrestling and now in his business. Before he became a high-performing coach, he was a former Commonwealth games athlete in 2010 who represented Australia in 33 different countries. Winning over 15 consecutive Australian National Championships, 7 consecutive Oceania Championships, and winning Silver and Bronze at the Commonwealth Championships. With that experience, he would like to inspire every individual and impart his knowledge for them to become successful be it in business, personal, or in any field that they choose. Justin experiences transforming athletes’ lives with his effective coaching skills for over a decade.

We all have our turning point in our life just like Justin. He experienced some challenges in his career to the point that he almost gave up. He managed to overcome the situation as he was surrounded by people who lifted him when he was down and reminded him to keep going. Now that he continues on his journey, he believes that there will be another turning point that will come along the way but he has a plan ahead and will surely get through it.  

To maximize your performance, here are some of his recommendations:

Timeline therapyGaining clarity and certainty in your life/business/relationship by beating limiting beliefs in your life.

Self-development The importance of creating a mind map in your daily routine from the moment you wake up in the morning, being healthy with exercise and proper nutrition, working efficiently, and healthy relationships.

Discovering your blueprint Learn what drives you as an individual to stay focused on your purpose.

Creating a road mapcreate a rapid action plan and start getting results without losing course. An action plan that is time-bound, specific, and achievable.

Justin Holland sees a huge gap in being the best in your industry compared to being just an average. His goal is to bridge that gap by coaching and imparting his knowledge to the average-high performing professional by providing them with the right formula for their success that will give them the edge over the competition. He will also teach you how to discover your blueprint as a high achiever to direct you on your path to greatness.