When I ask business owners why they aren’t sharing what they offer, I often hear this: “I don’t want to look like I’m showing off.”

Ring any bells?

But if people don’t know you have something to sell, they can’t buy it.

Seems obvious and yet you might be one of the business owners who is not making it clear what you offer. Why would you do that?

Why You’re Holding Back

There are many reasons, some of them have a connection to fear, here are some ideas:

  • You aren’t confident about what you’re selling so you keep it a secret.
  • You don’t realize it’s not clear for others because it is clear to you.
  • You think that people already know what you do and what you offer.
  • You think that if you make it clear you’re being pushy or salesy.
  • You don’t want to bother people.

If you feel fear is part of what is blocking you, check out my post, Secrets to Overcoming Your Fears So You Can Rock Your Business.

The beliefs you have about yourself, and your work, have a massive influence on the success of your business.

Luckily you have the ability to become aware of those thoughts and take action to investigate them to see if they are true.

So if you’re stuck and want to break free from a belief that is causing you stress, take a look deeper.

One method that has worked for me is to ask four questions known as The Work. You can find out how to use it here.

Here’s the deal, if you are running a business, it is your duty and obligation to let people know how what services and products are available.

You might be thinking, duty? Obligation? What does that have to do with my business. That’s not why I’m doing what I do.

Think of it this way, you are doing work you are passionate about because it is meaningful to you and to your clients.

You believe the work you do makes a difference in your clients’ lives.

So if you are intentionally, or unintentionally, hiding your work; you are denying people the option to accept your help and improve their lives.

Sharing is Not the Same as Showing Off

Sharing something you have for sale is not the same as showing off.

If you wrote a book, that is a fact. It’s not bragging, it’s what is true.

If you say, here is a book I wrote, that is sharing. That is not showing off.

When people know about the book, they can buy it or not buy it.

An effortless way to convey the value of your offers is to let other people talk about them.

Ask clients for testimonials and share those on your website.

That way you don’t have to worry about being a show off because it’s other people who are raving about your stuff.

Find out more about how to get testimonials here.

The same thing goes for any awards or recognition you have received.

You didn’t decide you won, the body that awarded you the prize chose you.

So don’t hide this, it’s an external endorsement just like a testimonial.

And these things give you credibility and visibility.

Remember an offer is simply that, an offer.

An offer can be accepted or declined.

If it’s a fit for someone, that’s great. If not, that is also great.

Because that means you can move on and people who aren’t a match can find the right match for them. Everybody wins.

It’s important not to take this personally. Whether they say yes, or no.

Neither decision is about you, it’s about them.

If this is a point of struggle for you, please check out my post, Why You Shouldn’t Take it Personally When it Comes to Your Marketing.

Make Your Offers Visible

Now it’s time for action. Set aside one hour and go through all of the products and services you offer.

Make sure it is obvious what you offer and that it’s clear how to buy things on your website, and all of your social media profiles. Include live clickable links when possible.

And because sometimes it’s hard to see what is so close to you, you can also ask a couple of friends to take a look at your website and ask them to tell you what they think people can buy from you.

You may be surprised by what you hear. If it’s not clear, then make some updates.

Feeling inspired to start sharing what you have to offer? It’s more than possible to do without showing off.

In fact, you can even feel positive about it because you recognize that you are giving people the possibility to connect with an option that could help them.

© Stephanie Ward

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