What’s the best way to heal anxiety?

It’s the number one question I get from women when we first start talking during a mentoring session.

They’ve  tried “everything” and they just want to know, what can I do right now, to stop this anxiety.  Of course, I can recommend some herbal remedies that will help to minimize that feeling like your brain is on fire…so you can take a deep breath, even if it’s only for a nano-second.

There’s so much misunderstanding about what really causes anxiety, (and depression)!

The real truth exists, but big pharma stands to lose a freakin’ boat ton of money if you get well. So drug free, empowering solutions are not in the forefront of our culture.

It is an overwhelming epidemic.

And it breaks my heart  because people are suffering needlessly…

When there are successful cures that don’t involve numbing medications and therapy sessions for the rest of your life.

By the time women come to me they just want to know “my secret”.

Is it a pill?

Is it a special meditation? Just tell me what to do.

Why does my method work? How does my 5 step formula work? How come doctors don’t know about this? Why doesn’t MY doctor know about this? Or my therapist? They’re the mental health pros. It must be a scam. Why aren’t they doing it and using it and helping people?

These are the barrage of questions that I get every week.  I’m happy about that because it means women are getting new thoughts in their head that can lead to healing!  

Doctors are stuck in the web of big pharma and standards of practice from insurance companies.  Some therapist are evolved enough to use EMDR in their practice. But many are just stuck in old treatment therapies and drugs that have never worked.  Um, let’s talk about electric shock therapy. No, let’s not.

If you  want to completely remove your symptoms and be anxiety free- medication free, and live with health, vitality and true peace of mind….you can.

But you will have to do something new.

The tool that is going to get you there IS your mind.

Yes, you heard me right.

The very thing that is causing your symptoms is also your ticket to freedom.

It’s the Universal Law of cause and effect.

Anxiety, fear, and depression are energetic symptoms in your body…

Created by your mind.  And the most powerful thing I teach my clients is how to use their mind in their favor – to completely disarm and rewire the “default program” in their mind that is messing with their body.

When you get to the root cause of your anxiety…the real cause of your symptoms, you can heal them completely.

Everything western medicine prescribes is only putting a band-aid on the symptoms.

They’re not treating the CAUSE, an energy imbalance.

Most doctors will tell you that anxiety and depression are caused by a chemical imbalance. But this too, is a symptom.

We are powerful beyond our belief. Literally. And this truth along with Quantum Physics and quantum healing principles makes removing anxiety, fear, stress and depression easier than it has ever been before.

Sound like a bunch of airy-fairy? It’s not.

​Think laws of gravity…you don’t know much about them. But they apply to everyone. Period. If you jump off a building you will hit the ground!  Universal laws don’t apply to one person and not another. Gravity applies to all, and any person who jumps off a building.

The same is true for principles of quantum science and quantum healing. It works for everyone if they apply the tools properly and consistently. Period. You can have success. You can have healing with ease.

Quantum physics applied to healing principles are relatively new. Quantum physicist Max Planck won a nobel prize for his theory in early 1920’s.  

I spent many years studying ayurveda and the mind, neuroplasticity, neurobiology, inner psychology,  and quantum principles in order to heal and remove my own anxiety and depression. Even though I was a registered nurse, I knew medications were not the answer. 

When I had complete success I slowly began to teach my process to others. Today authors and scientists like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton have merged neuroscientific principles and quantum healing and brought it to the forefront of mental health and healing. 

Using your own mind to apply these Universal Laws are the magic that people are looking for. 

They just don’t know it yet. Applying Universal Law to Healing principles gives you ALL your power back to control your mind, thoughts, energy, and feelings and stop the cycle of distress being created by the conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Yes, it will take an effort on your part. Is it easy?  It can be. It is simple. Do the work and you’ll have 100% success.

It is repetitive. That’s the good news. Repeat the process I teach my clients, over and over and you’ll have success.

It’s like learning to play the piano. You wouldn’t just sit down at the keyboards and expect to play a Mozart symphony.

You’d have to learn a few things about the piano and about reading music. Then you’d have to practice to get proficient.

If you only practice once a week, it will take longer, right? But if you practiced twice a day for 30 minutes, you’d get really good pretty quickly.

It’s the same with my 5 step formula for healing anxiety, stress, fear, and depression.

Can I say exactly how long it will take for your success? Not without talking to you and learning more about you and your symptoms. Some of my clients find relief in as little as a few weeks, others take up to a few months. 

I get it, you want relief, now. But considering most women who come to me have been suffering for years, a few months is not “too long” when it means you’ll learn how to remove your symptoms permanently

Here’s the summary of my 5 step quantum healing formula:

  • Get to the core Cause– uncover your specific negative emotional blueprint.
  • Obtain Clarity– how did you get here, what’s the plan for removing symptoms
  • Clear the Cause- I teach several different tools for clearing the cause at it’s root- depending on your goals and your negative emotional blueprint. (This is the place that we use quantum healing principles.)
  • Core value alignment-use quantum healing techniques to un-wire and re-program the faulty programming that is keeping you stuck in repetitive pattern.
  • Courage – continued support and guidance to use these principles and stay accountable to yourself.

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Thanks for reading – Be Well!

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