Few years back, I’ve noticed that in this world there is a repetition of advice on life’s wisdom, gratitude, love and knowing your self.  As you know, these days they are widely available through books and articles online.

I’ve always thought “it’s that same old advice I read couple of weeks ago…”

I would then flick through to the next without much anticipation. If I do read it, I would skim read to see if there is anything new that I have not come across.

Is this the same habit with you?

Well, after years of thought accumulation, it brought to my attention why I have to continue reading even though I was conscious the advice were already known to me. 

Here are my main points to the story:

  • It’s a fact that continuously reminding my inner self on these life advice meant I can continue to reflect and learn from everyday mistakes (we make over 35,000 choices each day), and wake myself to stay humble, to share the love and to be present and enjoy the moment of now.

  • It’s amazing how I read lots of these content each week but when it comes to reality I still find we make the good choices, but also the bad which we regret on the spot or shortly after over time.
  • This makes sense because every situation, background, people, and I are all unique and different at that present moment, which will never return.
  • But perhaps there is more to than the now.

  • To explain through visualisation, imagine I’m driving into a foggy and unclear road. Reading is then correlated with the white lines on the road.

  • Guiding me where and how I should steer, the stronger intake in reading led to realising more defined, clearer and stronger presence of white lines on the road ahead.

  • Along the journey, I may find myself coming to a T section.

  • But my reflections will help me steer to my best direction, either left or right.

So what readings do you do each day? Share your thoughts!

P.S. in the midst of writing this article, there was a preliminary decision made by the company I am working for that could impact the people. The end result may have no effect, or could bring changes. During this time, my focus would be to stay normal, keep business as usual and whatever the decision it brings, accept and move on. Let’s see what news it brings in my next article posting! At the end of the day, it’s a fact of life and staying positive will always override the hurdles that comes and goes.


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