Mirko La Rosa is arguably one of the most social media influencers and digital marketing experts in Italy, with a reputation for helping businesses to grow their brands online using a unique Instagram growth plan. The Sicilian entrepreneur had a relatively humble beginning and has been able to garner a lot of experience as an employee with two of the biggest consulting firms in the world as well as managing International IT projects of up to €10 million before venturing into entrepreneurship. In a recent interview, the Italian online influencer shared his top secrets of managing stress and achieving success on a long term basis.

Avoiding Burnout

Mirko summarized his stress management tips into – mindset tips and technical tips. According to Mirko, the mindset division includes morning meditation/priming, which helps to start the day on the best possible footing. This should ordinarily help people to focus on the goal and avoid distractions. He also identified having a routine, consisting of a defined list of things that must be done in a particular order every day. The third point on his mindset tips is setting clear and achievable goals. 

On the technical side of avoiding burn out, Mirko advised having a to-do list, suggesting that people write it down and have it handy everywhere and anywhere. This will help reduce the effort required to remember the activities. He also suggested prioritization, defining the importance of each activity and categorizing them accordingly. As a business executive and entrepreneur, Mirko La Rosa is not a stranger to job delegation. Therefore, it was not surprising that it appeared on his list of tips for avoiding stress and burnout.

Achieving Success and Staying Motivated

“I think universally motivation is on the basis of all changes in human beings. No change has happened without a motivation. Motivation is then about not who you are right now, but what you are becoming,” said Mirko La Rosa.

According Mirko, there are three phases of motivation – helping oneself, helping a loved one, and helping others. Mirko was quick to point out that no level is superior to the other and people tend to change depending on the situation.

Success in business in Mirko’s perspective requires considering the needs of the customer. The focus should be on how to keep the customers happy and not only make them repeating customers but advocates of the brand.