With the holidays on the horizon, the world continuing to be stuck in quarantine with many travel and social gathering restrictions in place to help fight the global pandemic, celebrations will be looking very different this year. Many people won’t be able to keep up with their annual holiday traditions and see loved ones they usually see within their families this time of year.

While this is a harsh reality everyone has to face, there are things we can all do to take care of ourselves and those we love during these challenging times. Below are reasons why rest, reflection and relaxation (i.e. what I like to call the 3Rs) are more important than ever this holiday season.

Rest: The constant threat of Covid-19, managing the blurred lines between work and home life, having kids in virtual or hybrid school, worries about the economy, jobs and public policy and not having as many outlets for socialization beyond small outdoor gatherings with social distancing and masks, can be exhausting. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to simply rest. Go to bed early, sleep in, take naps and just let your mind and body recover from this stress and anxiety-filled year.

By focusing on rest and recovery, you’ll be able to gather the strength and stamina to keep going and take on whatever the New Year will bring. Resting now will also allow you to recharge your batteries and gain a sense of stamina and resilience for the future.

Reflection: The holidays are also a time to reflect in general and this year is an especially important time for reflection. It’s a chance to gain a deeper perspective on what matters most to you, what your priorities are, what you’re grateful for and how you want to spend your time, given the current circumstances.

Whether it’s talking to loved ones, writing in a journal, taking a hike in nature or sitting in your kitchen with a cup of coffee or tea, building in time to think, ponder and reflect on this difficult year, will allow you to realize how much you’ve learned and grown and how you want to approach the future for yourself and your family. You can think about your and your family’s health and saftey, your career, charitable work, future travel plans and more.

Relaxation: Another important area to focus on during this unusual holiday season is relaxation. Whether it’s watching movies, enjoying a bath, reading a good book, cooking with your spouse or significant other or cuddling with your kids, take this time to relax and enjoy your life at home with your loved ones as much as you can. There’s no need to feel guilty because everyone deserves a chance to relax during the holiays and also during this crazy year.

Relaxation will also allow you the ability to slow down and gain perspective about the pleasures that still exist in the world. You won’t feel as much doom and gloom about the realities of what’s happening when you take some time for enjoyment. Create memories and know that someday you’ll look back on this time with a mix of emotions and feelings, but it will be a time in history you’ll certainly never forget.

Happy holidays and remember to take some time for rest, reflection and relaxation!


  • Reena Vokoun

    Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker | Author | Media Spokesperson | Health & Wellness Expert | Content Creator & Marketer | Personal & Professional Development Coach | Activewear Designer

    Reena Vokoun graduated with a BBA in marketing and management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in advertising and communications from Boston University. She spent several years in corporate America working in marketing, sales and business development roles for companies such as Google, Yahoo, Reebok, CNET, GE and Grokker, while also being certified in health, fitness, nutrition and behavior change through the American Council on Exercise, Athletics and Fitness Association of America and IDEA Fitness. Her experiences and witnessing others during those years, showed her how much overwork, stress and a lack of work-life balance can impact your health and life. Therefore, she's passionate about educating others and helping them take control of their lives in these areas. Today, she serves companies, nonprofits, universities, schools and the media through her products, services and content, which focus on wellness education and training in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, work-life balance, productivity and healthy lifestyles. She's featured regularly as a health contributor on the Fox KTVU news morning show in the San Francisco Bay Area, writes a monthly health column for the Los Altos Town Crier and also writes for Thrive Global, Shape and Working Mother. She's a mom, wife and first generation born Indian-American and has a unique perspective to help others balance it all.