In a world that feels out of control, it could feel like we’ve lost the ability to direct the story of our lives. But, by writing what we know, we can choose to take back that control. Each day is a blank page, a new beginning, that we have an opportunity to fill in with our words and our emotions. Writing is our way not only to take back the reins but also to see the bigger picture. 

And while that empty page can look intimidating, if we open up our hearts eventually, the rest of the world will open up theirs to listen.

So, why do we write? And why right now?

We write because writing allows us to let go of what we’re carrying and put it all down on paper. It enables us to feel lighter by transferring the weight of the world from our shoulders onto the page. 

We write because it allows us to get to know who we are, and we write every day because we are continually changing. It gives us the chance to get to know the parts of us that have outgrown or evolved or completely transformed. 

We write because it lets us step into the present while at the same time giving ourselves the power to move through time. It enables us to go back and learn from our past and completely reimagine our futures. It empowers us to rewrite right now by time traveling through our hearts. 

We write because our stories are worthy of being heart and being told. And that doesn’t mean that every word we write needs to be put up on a billboard. We write because sometimes we get too busy to even tell ourselves our own stories. So we write to catch up with our hearts like old friends. 

We write because there is a confidence to be found in the blank pages of our lives. It can be scary to turn the page and decide what should go on it. But the more you nurture your voice through your words, the more confidence you will find to express yourself out in the real world. 

We write because we crave connection, and writing helps us connect with others through our collective experiences. We are not alone in what we feel, and—by writing—we can come together through our stories to inspire each other to write our next chapter.  

We write because we have ideas that are worthy of a home. Through writing, we can expand our minds and bring our thoughts to life instead of letting them race and be forgotten. By giving our ideas a voice, we can build upon our purpose—and this is how dreams come true. 

We write because it’s like a hug to the heart. By releasing our emotions and painting our experiences, we are showing up for ourselves and telling ourselves that what we feel is okay. Because it is. We practice self-compassion and self-love by expressing what’s in our hearts. 

We write because words on paper prepare us for a new perspective on the world outside. When we write about our encounters with life, we can shift our perception of who we are within it. We can find silver lining or new turns to take. We can see what we missed while we were “busy” and open up our minds to new possibilities. 

We write because when reality feels black and white, our imaginations can add color. By taking the reins of our inner creativity, we can paint our experiences and create new worlds for other people to experience with us. We can make magic real and make the impossible possible. 

We write because we must. We must become the storytellers of our lives and not let the world tell us what comes next. We hold the pen to our destiny, and we each deserve to fill in the gaps of our own history. So, go ahead and give yourself permission to write your dream life… until the day comes that you realize you are already living in it.