A Wrong Person in a Right Place will surely ruin many young lads.

I was randomly searching on google image and found a very interesting statement of Jack Ma (Founder of China’s №1 e-commerce company Alibaba.com),

“Find the Right People, Not the Best People”

In my last job I found a team, which was Super Enthusiastic, trust me they were super cool in mind. We enjoyed every second of our working moments and we had the ownership of every tasks management assigned to us. This is one scenario. Now let’s come to another. I saw a team, who is highly disappointed with their team members, team leaders, company policy and what not. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I worked with them once. I raised my voice several times and got failed. Management, mostly HR imposed some bullshit rules on them, when other people are not even concerned about these rules. One of the main reasons I found is, bonding among themselves, and no leadership. The manager who was there got sacked for irresponsibility and team conflict. Pretty weird, huh?

Let’s share a right person’s example. Mr. Marsh is the CEO of Hashtag Mind and working in this sector from last 18 years. I’ve talked to him regarding this issue “Right Person in the Right Place”, and why it’s so much important.

During his tenure in HTM in last 18 years, he learned a lot about Digital Marketing, PR and running a business. The most important thing he mentioned is leadership- and he learned it in a right way. There were so many complications when he started at the very first. But now he is one of the highly famous CEO in this sector.

As per his statement, being a leader is a hugely rewarding role, but making challenging decisions comes with the territory. The decisions he has taken for his company are never fun, and sometimes the employees don’t feel good with those. But the positive results that come when you perfect your team, are priceless.

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Ratio of “Wrong Seaters” in South East Asia

If you look at South Asian businesses, one of the dangerous things you’ll observe is lack of leadership quality within the high ranked officials, whom you can mention as “wrong seaters” as well.

There is a say like- right people in the wrong place or wrong people in the right place, or whatever it can be. In Bangladesh, the number and ratio of wrong seaters are the most. Let’s talk about few buddy of mine, whom I know very well.

Person-1: He is an LLB graduate, and working for an E-commerce company’s Quality Control Section. Do you find any relativity? No, right? Most interestingly, he is a digital marketing SEO expert and a very good writer. Is he on the right path of his career?

Person-2: He is a Marketing Graduate having lots of passion, creativity, and ideas. But he is working for a Bank’s Foreign Exchange Division. And he is highly disappointed with his job. Pretty alarming..huh??

Person-3: One of my ex-colleagues, who is an Electrical Engineer and working as a Quality Control Executive for an E-commerce company, where she is completely unable to utilize her knowledge and skills. True, right?

These 3 people or examples are not just the ends. There are billions of people in this South Asia working in wrong sectors. How will we find our next global leader then?

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”

Imagine the result for a second.

I’ve experienced a Head of HR without having proper HR knowledge and past experiences in HR field. He Implemented wrong rules in the company and illogically charged his employees to maintain the rules when he himself didn’t maintain these. As a result, at a time a full team resigned and left the company. How dangerous the scenario is…huh?

How can be a Digital Marketing Certified Person can be a Marketing Manager or Marketing In-Charge, when he doesn’t have any other marketing knowledge?Where South East Asian country like Bangladesh is not fully covered by the high-speed internet and people are not digitally educated enough. Uggh !! Very Alarming sign for us…

Buttering sucks. But it’s working the most in this South-East Asia. Bribery, Lobbying, and Political Power work more than the knowledge and skills.

A thousand Billion Dollar Question now is…

When our leaders are wrong, then how they will find the right people? If everyone is wrong, then who will lead us to the right path?

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A change is much needed now. As you know that the change is the end result of all learnings. I’ll never suggest changing overnight, but what I know is we just need to change ourselves. We should choose the right people to the right place. And, everyone needs to be well aware of their lives and choices. For this, we need to struggle hard, because without struggling there is no progress on anything.

Once you take the wrong path, you are done for this life, buddy.

“The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

Be serious about your life. Because it’s your life. And, you have all the rights to “Make it Yours”.