Mainstream media is full of alarmist articles announcing the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence, and how people need to be concerned about their job security.

Two encounters today push my thinking regarding robotics and AI in the workplace.

First, a very creative video showing how Keen (the shoe company) is using robots to create shoes in half the time it takes a person. Their project is a couple of years old now, and yet, still cutting edge. Watch it.

Second, a Deloitte report on workplace trends based on interviews with over 10,000 companies globally. Read it.

In both of these instances, PEOPLE drive the decision-making.

At Keen, people are the template for robotics automation. While the robot is cool, it’s still compared to the person who thought up the idea, developed prototypes, pitched the idea to senior management, executed a robotics program, calibrated the robot, and then watches it work.

People make all the difference.

Deloitte’s report (highly recommended reading) places robotics and AI in last place of concern for global organizations. Last place. Above robots, companies focus on talent acquisition, employee experience, performance evaluation, leadership, diversity, and the future of organizational culture.

The list is all about people. Because people make all the difference.

So, rest easy tonight: Robots are not taking your job yet.

Focus instead on how to best maximize your talents, and the talents of those around you. People matter.
People skills. People diversity. People passion.

Take heart, the future belongs to people.

“Become a person of value” – Albert Einstien

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