I have recently started implementing Microsteps into my daily routine, and this has been helping me manage my well-being in small, easy ways. For example, I recently swapped the habit of scrolling through social media at the start and end of my day with reading. Reading before going to bed helps me to disconnect and recharge. Reading in the mornings helps me to wake up feeling positive and accomplished since I have already begun a task as soon as I wake. I also read when I am feeling a bit stressed out and it tends to calm me down by focusing on something I enjoy. With this new habit, I was able to read 14 books this past summer!

The Thrive app recently suggested walking during what would otherwise be sit-down meetings, so I’ve been using this Microstep as well. It helps me to get moving, gain steps, and helps me to focus on the meeting’s agenda items since I am not distracted by looking at emails that may be coming into my mailbox. This is also a great way for me to get outside more often, even while working and being productive.

Another Microstep that I practice daily is writing down attainable goals or tasks I want to achieve each day. Doing this allows me to feel very accomplished when I check off my daily goals at the end of the day. It also helps me stay focused on my tasks — since I can prioritize what’s most important to accomplish — while making sure that I’m not asking too much of myself.


  • Samantha Ishak

    Product Services & Management Analyst

    Northwell Health

    My name is Samantha Ishak. I started working for Northwell in 2013 as a Practice Associate and I’m currently working as a Product Services & Management Analyst. I work as the lead analyst responsible for the design, build, implementation, support, and maintenance of Northwell Revenue Cycle’s insurance authorization system. I’m based out of Queens, NY.