Very few companies like Scott Keever SEO understand how important web design is and how beneficial it is. Here we’ll explain why web design is the first play in this arena and how if your business is not tech-savvy enough to optimize its digital properties, sign up with an agency like that of Scott Keever SEO. They specialize in web design, reputable brand marketing, online reputation management, SEO, internet marketing etc. All to make sure your business doesn’t lack in either digital presence or functionality.

First Impressions Matter

The first impression from a new user will go a long way in determining if that user will revisit your site. A visually pleasant design scheme will help that first glance last longer and retain users.

You can take the help of eye-tracking studies and information to devise a wireframe that users will find appealing. The elements people notice immediately:

  • Main image, specifically if it is large
  • Branding or logo
  • Main navigation to see what the site contains
  • Text in large fonts
  • Footer or contact information

You Are the Image You Portray

Vivid and meaningful visuals give an organized design legitimacy to a website. Sales will be encouraged if the outlook of your website creates trust in the user. By psychology, users equate the experience he or she have on your website with the experience they will have with you in person. A haphazard design or chaotic look to your website can tell visitors that you’re apathetic or don’t believe in your business.

Hire a professional who can understand your business motives better, if you have trouble navigating around this side yourself.

Tell Users What is Important

A defined hierarchy is pivotal from a business perspective because it provides information for the busy user. If someone has a little amount of time to interact, you should make it clear what’s important so your message can be conveyed at a glance. Here a couple of pointers you can follow: 

  • Start off with the most important thing you have to present and to make it stand out, use unusual or powerful image or video, scale and color.

  • Every thriving website has a user goal in mind and you have to make it obvious.  


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