Why self-evaluation is important

Self evaluation is a process of identifying your own weaknesses, identifying your own strengths, of looking at yourself and asking questions like,  “where am i right now? Where do I want to be? and how am I going to get there?”

When you make self-evaluation a constant practice, what you are doing is you’re actually bringing all of these complex emotions to the forefront and you are examining them, you’re looking at them and you’re taking care of them.

Why selfevaluation is important

The first thing is Honesty. Self evaluation begins with honesty. You get to be honest with yourself when you actually look at your own shortcomings, and you acknowledge them. As a human being, you come into contact with different influences and factors at different points in your life.You come into contact with family, with society, with friends.  As you grow older, they begin to influence the way that you think and the way that you.

All of these things are buried so deeply in your subconscious. It is only through self evaluation that you can begin to grow that awareness and perception of yourself.

How to get started with self evaluation

There’s one easy step that you can follow to get started with self evaluation. That is the Rule of The Seven Why’s.

You start with a surface problem. For example, if you want to evaluate your financial life, you ask yourself, why do I have money problems? The easy answer to that could be probably you don’t make enough money at your job. Then you ask yourself again, why you don’t make enough money at your job.  Because they don’t pay you enough? Why don’t they pay you enough? Because you have a very low position? Why are you in a low position?

 You keep going deeper and deeper and deeper until you get to a point in the problem where it becomes very, clear that you have arrived at the exact root cause of a problem.

Write down one aspect of your life that you really want to evaluate. It could be your relationship. It could be your emotions, it could be school, it could be literally anything and then ask yourself why it is not going so well.  Don’t stop asking why until you get to the bottom of the problem.

Once you know what the problem is, you can begin to take active steps to rectify it. However, you will never get to that point in the first place if you don’t build the practice of critical self-evaluation.